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I am looking to do my second 30. I did my first at the beginning of November and it was great. I felt happier, healthier, and had treated food for nourishment and not for pleasure. My biggest motivation behind it was to lose weight and also have a better relationship with food. I must admit, I'm terribly upset with myself because ever since I finished my first 30 I have fallen completely fallen off the wagon. Whatever weight I took off I put back on and I just feel different. I did not weigh myself during my 30 days so I cannot accurately say how much I lost, but the eyes never lie and I can see where I put weight back on. I am constantly struggling to fight my sweet tooth and sometimes it gets the best of me. I definitely notice a difference in my mood so I know my hormone levels are all over the place. I'm looking forward to getting back on track and being back in a place where I feel comfortable in my body because I right now I feel like I'm wearing someone else's skin. I will definitely be turning to the forum more this time around because I will need encouragement and the stories of those who are going through the same struggles that I am.

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