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Dave's April 2018 Log

Dave K

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Day 1

Woke up ready to start this, for meals the plan is to try to keep it simple to start. 

Breakfast - scramble eggs with zucchini and spinich

Lunch - Tuna,  Mayo, onion, celery / Salad  / Strawberries , Fresh Mint

Dinner - Filet Mignon, baked potato, green beans

Snack - some nuts

Ran the gauntlet at work, the break room was filled with everybody's unfinished Easter desserts. Managed to survive.

Day 2

Woke up feeling great, similar to Day 1. 

Breakfast - scambled eggs, zucchini and spinish

Lunch - homemade chicken  vegetable soup / salad / Strawberry , blackberry, fresh mint

Dinner - Large Salad, chicken, bacon, avocado, 

Snack - some nuts

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Day 3

Morning Exercise - Treadmill Day, 0 to Running 6.2 on the PEAR app. (35 min interval run). The run started as usually, but began to struggle the final 15 min. Didn't have the energy.

Breakfast - scrambled eggs, zucchini, tomato, onion, avocado (seems to be the norm)

Morning snack - strawberries, blackberry, fresh mint (still trying to break away from the 5 day meals)

Lunch - Tuna, mayo, onion, celery / salad / banana

Dinner - Cod, fresh herb sauce, asparagus (we weren't sold on the coconut milk sauce, it broke in the end.) We will probable make again, deleting the coconut milk and picking up some almond flour to dust it with.


Evening Exercise - Treadmill Tempo Run (40 min run/walk by heart rate). It was tough, lacked energy for the final 15 min. I ended up reducing speed to compensate for the elevating heart rate. (normally 5-6mph, was reduced to below 5). Legs a bit sore, woke up to a few cramps in the evening.

Most likely a combination of no sugar and the deletion of the protein shake in the afternoon. Looking forward to burning fat for fuel!!!

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Day 4

Morning Exercise - slept in today :), Legs were sore and woke up a few times through the evening with cramps. The plan is a walk at lunch today to make up for it. 

Breakfast - (the same)

Lunch - cod and asparagus (leftovers from dinner) 

Dinner - Stuffed peppers, recipe from the book

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Day 4 - con't

Stuffed peppers worked out great! Modifications included: replaced spinach for kale, replaced zucchini / yellow squash for butternut squash, added cauliflower rice. I felt pretty good throughout the day, little tired. Water with lemon seems to become the evening favorite.

As for exercise it ended up being an unscheduled rest day. Running to the grocery store for additional items took precedent after work.  Already planning the meals to prep for this weekend for next week. Hopefully limit the amount of trips to the stores next week.

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Day 5

Took a break from meal planning today, made it simple but delicious!

Breakfast - eggs and leftover stuffed pepper filling

Lunch - Stuffed Pepper, extra pepper made from last night's dinner

Dinner - eggs with peppers, mushrooms, onion with side of sauteed zucchini 

Took it easy on the Treadmill in the morning, PEAR's run/walk program, 30 minutes, about 2.5 miles. Avoiding supplements probably had a lot to do with the reduced energy. Lemon water seems to have become the favorite.

Energy started to come back throughout the day, a little bit more coffee instead of the usually water throughout the day, hoping to change that next week!

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Day 6 (Saturday)

Going to try my luck posting an image. Fitbit screen shots from the PEAR app 0-Run program, Week 6. Trying to keep track of my progress.

(Program slowly increases run times, Week 6 is intervals of 5 min run/2 min walk for 35 minutes)

On Left. Monday:, Middle: Wednesday Right: Saturday

Monday - still feeding off the Sugar from the Weekend. 2.77 miles average HR 109

Wednesday - Tough morning slowed down a little. 2.73 miles, HR up to 117

Saturday - Made it through the program feeling good, slightly lower speed to keep the HR on target. 2.66 miles HR down to 106.

Whole30 Week 1 - 0 to Run Week 6.jpg

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Days 6 and 7 (the Weekend)

Made it through the first weekend!

TRX class after the run noted above on Saturday was tough, ran out of breath towards the end, but was able to finish. The big plan for Saturday, stay out of the house in the afternoon and remove all temptation with grocery shopping later in the day.

Sunday's plan was meal prepping for the week, which went well.

Overall we are both feeling pretty good, Ready to start Week 2.

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Day 8 (Monday) - Day 11 (Thursday)

It looks like I have a bunch of days to catch up on.

Monday was a carry over from the weekend, the tiredness subsided and was feeling much better than last weekend. It was a lot easier with meals already planned to start the week. I had enough energy in the morning for the treadmill to push into the next level of the program. 

Tuesday was a bit tougher, not with the program itself, but because I was out of town. (Taking my mom to several appointments). To keep things simple, I brought my meals with me.

Wednesday brought happy news, the half of belt notch that I was close on finally made it to the next notch. It was tough in the morning getting up, most likely with all the driving done on Monday and Tuesday, but energy was good throughout the day. No issues at the Trainer's Wednesday night. I ended up picking up a Lara bar to have prior to the workout.

Thursday (today) - Energy vastly improved. The treadmill program, same as Monday, lead to better results. Which was a lot better than the first week, where I lost a little bit in the middle of the week. Diet is going well, still no urges to go off the plan. The freshly made banana chocolate chip cake brought in for the morning, and pizza lunch didn't help but I managed to stay away.


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Day 12 - Day 18 (Thursday)

The last week has been good. 82 degrees on Saturday called for a two hour hike, energy started to come back. 

Sunday the energy picked up, getting things done around the house. Typical Sunday of late, cooking some meals for the week. Cocoa chilli turned out great and I ended up having it at various meals throughout the week. 

Spent today (Thursday) at the hospital with my mom (out patient check-up, all good) and I found myself Poorly prepared, leaving at 5:30am a rxbar from the glove compartment was breakfast with a coffee. Lunch (snack) consisted of two old apples and a coffee. You would think a hospital would something healthy in the cafeteria. Late lunch was some chilli, followed by a big salad with chicken when I finally got home. 

Felt good to stay on track. Energy is good, feeling thinner. Looking forward to the run in the morning. 

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