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Allis's Log - Round #2 - Need to feel good again


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April 30, 2018

            I was doing so well! I had just finished my first round of Whole30, like I was on day 33! I loved how I was feeling; I had lost a total of 23 lbs, I had energy, was sweating less, my joints didn't hurt, I was starting an exercise routine, and my shortness of breath was almost nonexistent...  Then, during my son's school spring break (April 4th), the dog woke me up to go outside. (We're in Indiana, and the weather has been stupid, it would be warm for one day and then it'd rain and then it would freeze overnight... :angry:)  When I looked at the first step, it looked dry. I proceeded to step out and reach for the dog chain... As soon as my foot touched the step it slipped on a sheet of ice that was covering the top step. Down I went, and HARD I might add; slipped through the open sliding door, catching my left leg (I've already had 2 previous surgeries) on the inside of the door and that same knee bending LATERALLY... Heard and felt a "Pop" & "Crack"... I ended up crawling to 16 year old's room, waking him up while I'm bawling, because I can't bear ANY weight on my left leg (and the double icing on the cake? My husband was 600 miles away on business and I wasn't able to get the dog on her chain before I fell, so she was GONE...). 

          I have been on crutches since. Doctor said no tear or break; I just tweaked it good.  I was able to get rid of the crutches this week and am doing well. But because I was laid up for 3 weeks my husband did the "cooking"... Meaning I was unable to maintain even close to a compliant diet... No I feel disgusting again. I'm tired, I'm pissy "short tempered", I'm unmotivated, I'm just back to my old ways...

          I have decided I will be doing another round of Whole30, beginning May 7th and ending on June 5th. In the meantime I will be re-reading the Whole30 book and coming up with a full menu. I will try to remember to share the menu on here once a week. I will also try to post on here daily with how my day went...

         Wish me luck and say a prayer because here we go again...

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