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Day 14 Progress

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I'm a 70 year old man and have progressed into day 14 of the Whole 30. No serious issues with craving so far. I had none of the flue like symptoms that the book predicted. Energy level seems to be increasing. I've even had a couple of "energizer bunny" days. Blood pressure was down to 134/80 this morning with heart rate of 54. During 10 mile bike ride my average heart rate is 10 bpm lower than on previous rides. Digestion has not yet settled down to regularity. That might be because I stopped taking the Metimucil-Citrucel cocktail I've been taking for 35 years after a serious diverticulitis episode. I was having some allergic itching on the upper part of my chest and around my ears. I suspected it might be the ghee I cooked up. I switched exclusively to coconut oil and olive oil. The itching has subsided. Small patches of psoriasis on my fingers and toes seemed to resolve after a couple of days into the Whole 30 but now the psoriasis has resumed status quo. I was hoping to see some improvement in my benign prostate hyperplasia condition. No help so far. I had to resume the prostate supplements I was taking. I can now easily button the top button of my dress shirts and I cinched up my belt buckle one notch. Two more notches to go. My right hand has been pretty stiff, especially in the morning. The stiffness may be due to excessive work with shovels and rakes in the yard. I like the tasty recipes in the Whole 30 book. They are fairly easy to make but cooking three meals every day takes a lot of time and effort. I don't see how I could follow the rules if I was still working for a living.

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