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Started Today - June 6th !!


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I am a Mom to two kids (4 year old, 1 year old) in Houston, TX, we keep a pretty healthy pantry/fridge and stick to buying most of our groceries at the farmer's market, we know exactly where our grass-fed beef, no soy pasture-raised chickens and eggs come from and produce too. I've been gluten-free since 2016, stick to it as much as I'm able (restaurants <_<)...
But I eat at least one (or two) of these on a daily basis: dairy, beans, corn(tortillas), and agave nectar or stevia (coffee)... AND WINE on an almost daily basis (one glass... a MOM glass)

I've been playing around with the idea of W30 for a couple of months now, started following Melissa Hartwig, W30 social media, W30 recipes... but never really committed to actually doing it, just seeing what it was all about and testing recipes, ingredients and so on. Reliazed its not really that much different that what I'm cooking, but I cave and buy gluten free pizza or canyon bakehouse ancient grain bread for my avocado toast! 

Started W30 today...I can do this. 
I've done other elimination diets, one for 60 days that made you drink some disgusting shakes and supplements, made it to 26 days, then a work trip came up.
So here it goes, I want to declare my intention to complete W30...Besides, I got a girls' trip coming up in 42 days !!!!  :)B)

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