New to Whole30, starting 6/18


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Hi everyone! 

Been reading up in It Starts with Food (almost done!) and the Whole30 guide past couple weeks. Ready and excited to start on Monday!

I'm 27. Hoping to see more energy, clearer skin, less back aches (from years old injury that never totally seemed to go away), and some weight loss would be nice! 

Heard about Whole30 on a podcast, but I don't know anyone personally who has done it so will probably be looking here for some help along the way! 

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I'm starting tomorrow too! 

I've never done a whole30 but have been wanting to for a long time. I just finally got the courage to do it! I'm 22 and have the worst eating habits and I know if i continue eating the way I do I will develop diabetes and be at risk for cardiovascular problems, etc. My main goal is to complete change my habits and relationship with food. Weight loss would be a plus. :)

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