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Holy moly -- get me thru this Day 5 trough


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I'm in day 5.  Been eating super clean--thanks to a full day of food prep on Sunday, which has made staying compliant so much easier--which is great.  It's been a pretty intense week at work--late nights and early mornings.  But I have been getting good sleep--at least 6.5 and usually 7 hours per evening.  

Yesterday and today I've had headaches, and today, more than any other so far, I've felt unbelievably lethargic.  Trying to go easy on myself, as it's been an intense week and I just need to battle through.  But any pointers on how to ride out this trough would be appreciated. 


Good luck to all who are going through the W30!! 

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I hear you with the Day 5 thing...


I added more water...just drink more water. It helped a lot. I also made sure I was doing a good amount for protein for me. and not undereating. Which I Had been. It also helped me a lot to log my food. Actually write it down on paper. 


I also did what they said about eating a big before and after work outs. Especially the before work out thing. And I went to bed a bit earlier. 


This really is an exercise in self care. And in my past several months that has been a hard thing to make a priority. 

I am also practicing some mindful breathing. I would recommend the app called calm for your phone. It is a great start. Just take some time and focus on the breath. GIve yourself a break. 

You are a warrior. Arm yourself with the knowledge that you are worth it and deserve to be healthy and happy. And self care yourself with more water, breath and kind words. 

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