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Just finished a W30 (okay, so strictly speaking it was more like a W26, but I'm still very pleased with myself) and now it's time to go on to reintroductions.    I'm starting with dairy, because cheese.   I am logging because it keeps me on track.   

My prior W30 went fabulously but I washed out on re-intros, so this time I want to do things right, even though I don't have any food sensitivities that I know of.   

Moderation doesn't work very well for me, and so, honestly, part of the re-intro goal is to sort out what I should just stay away from.   

Day 1 Reintro.      Dairy!   Moo!   During my last W30 re-intro, I learned that if I consume dairy in absolutely staggering quantities (think lab rat levels), it makes my digestion sad.   This is less than useful information given that I love dairy but still don't want to be consuming it 24/7.   So we're going to start small today and see how it goes.  

Meal 1:

Leftover Sicilian beef and cauliflower from Well Fed Weeknights.     I made a giant pile of this a week ago, and although it's very tasty, I am also rather happy to see it gone.   No dairy here.  

Meal 2:

WFW Tex Mex Skillet with beef, eggs, yellow squash, zucchini, onion, peppers, cilantro, scallions, baby kale leaves, salsa, and guac.    This has been my weekday lunch for something like 3 weeks now and I am still happily eating it.    No dairy here either. 

Meal 3:

Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken in the Instant Pot, over zoodles.    I love this recipe and it has been one I've been planning for Day 31 for several weeks.   It contains heavy whipping cream and also some cheese.    Here is the recipe:


Also I had two glasses of Pinot Noir, because I really love wine and I've missed it.    If this confuses the dairy reintro....well, I have time to sort it out.  


I still really love wine, but my tolerance for alcohol has gone way down.    No more wine on weeknights unless it's a special occasion.

Awaiting to see what dairy does (or doesn't do) to my system. 





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Day 3 Reintro.     Sadly, I think dairy is a problem food for me   Not a huge problem, but two days in, I'm seeing some symptoms I'd associate with mild cassein sensitivity.   I also notice that my resting heart rate has bumped back up a notch.   

Everything I've read ties this to leaky gut, so I'm going to ditch the dairy right now to give my body more time to heal.    I'll try it again later this summer or even in the fall.     

It's Friday and we're going out to dinner with friends - I'm going to try to stay somewhat compliant tonight, go back on the W30 for the weekend to reset, and then start my experiment with legumes on Monday.    I can take or leave legumes, and so I will not be heartbroken if it turns out that they don't like me either.    

Have a great weekend, y'all.   

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