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Committing to a Whole 90!


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I began my Whole30 journey in March of 2015 at the age of 34.  I was having some health issues that were a bit wacky- dizziness, vertigo, near constant sugar dropping causing me to have the shakes no matter how soon I had eaten, migraines!  I was diagnosed with Meneire's Disease after weeks of severe vertigo that kept me from work and doing simple household chores.  I laid in bed with my eyes closed for days because I couldn't walk/drive/watch tv/or read.  

 I was at a weight I had worked super hard to get to after having babies and felt pretty good about my body at the time, so I didn't do it for weight.  I never had an issue with food, as far as I knew.  I completed my first round, and I had lost 12 pounds and several inches.  I couldn't believe it!  I was down to a size I thought I would never find again.  My skin was amazing!  I didn't have any stomach issues, which I have dealt with all my life and found somewhat normal.  I felt AMAZING!  and somewhere around Day 12, I had begun sleeping all night, with children.  I couldn't believe it.  I felt tired all the time before Whole30.  My dad would call frequently, and he would always ask how I felt.  My automatic answer was always "tired!"  My favorite time of day was bedtime.  

After my Whole 30, I was so anxious about my new lifestyle, and I started my reintro with sweets!  That's all I really wanted.  Not the coffee creamer I thought I couldn't live without before this journey.  After consuming the sweets, it took me a few months to realize- I do have some food issues!  It took me 2 years to fully complete a new reset.  But it was the same, slowly I made my way back to sweets.  When I was "off plan" my Meneire's would flare up and I would have the dizziness.  Fast forward to 2015, and I had gained close to 40 pounds telling myself I was eating "mostly Whole30".  I wanted to say it was the Whole30 causing me to gain, but I know it was my poor choices between those Whole 30 meals.  

Over the last summer, I had come off of anxiety medication I had been taking for the past 3 years, and I felt I had my anxiety under control.  Then, last October, it came back with a vengeance.  And with it I became depressed.  I was having extreme anxiety and removing myself from social situations.  I am a counselor, and I work with people every day who deal with anxiety, but mine was getting out of control.  I realized I had to get back on whole 30.  So in March of this year, I completed another round with slow reintroduction.  And in July I began another round after baseball season ended.  I am now on day 40 and planning to keep going for 90 days and do a super slow reintroduction.  I know what foods cause me problems now, and I know how great I feel eating strictly whole 30.  It took me 36 days this time to feel the magic--to start waking on my own without my alarm-- to feel motivated to get my running shoes back on routinely-- to feel confident and in control-- my mind is clear and I'm super productive---and my anxiety is finally gone!  

I have always been a big believer in Whole30, but once I did that first round, it was really hard to get fully back into a reset.  The more I'm doing it the easier it gets, and the better I feel.  I want to tell everyone to keep working hard.  Believe in yourself and believe in the magic of Whole 30!  It's an amazing program, and I'm so thankful that I can change my food habits to fix my health.  I am strongly against medication if it can be helped.  I know what it does to your body and brain.  I've experienced it, and I've seen clients go through it.  This program is worth the tears and doubts and strength to make it to day 12!  After than it keeps getting better daily!  So don't give up!


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Your persistence is inspiring, and your honesty is really helpful. This isn't easy and even though I am two-thirds of the way through my second W30 month, spaced six months apart, and feeling great it is work. Every. Single. Day.

I've been fortunate. Weight was my only real issue and even though I had been way too heavy for way too long, I don't have any serious health problems aside from some bad joints. I entered into W30 in late January for the first time almost solely because I wanted to lose the weight before it became too late (I was 54 when I started).

My results have been positive beyond my wildest expectations. Today, in fact, I hit the 50-pounds lost milestone, and I'm now at a weight I haven't been at in three decades. Beyond that, every the major health data point is better than it was seven months ago. I'm also sleeping better, my previously near-constant joint pain is gone, I have tons more energy and I'm focused at work like I haven't been in recent memory.

In other words, it works. But you know that already because you've done an amazing thing and are well are you way to more rewards.

Congrats and keep it up! Thanks for sharing

With appreciation,



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Thank you and congrats to you for your success!  It's an amazing feeling.  I wish everyone could feel how good it feels to eat this way.  So many times we tell ourselves "it's normal" or "It's aging".  But it really is what we put into our mouths!  

Good luck on your continued journey!

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