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Magda's Whole30 (2nd-31st Jan 2013)

Magda Walędzik

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So, today is my day two. This is not my first attempt at W30. The first time round I lasted to around day 8 and then gave in. Well, this time I'm determined to make it though the 30 days. I'm a big girl and can live for a month without sugar, grains, alcohol and all that jazz... Come on, I'm not an alcoholic, I don't "need" my drink on a Friday night. I can go without dairy, I used to be vegan for over a year for goodness sake... I like oats but I don't like that they more or less put me in a coma for a few hours as do most grains.

So, I'm really committed to push through this month with 100% compliance. My main hope and goal with this program is to finally sort out my relationship with food. I've had a disordered attitude to food/diet/exercise/my body for as long as I can remember. I think it started for "good" when I was about 13 an has continued ever since. And it needs to finish, so here I am :) I also wouldn't mid loosing a few pounds and toning up a bit and If my skin cleared up as they say it will, it would be really nice too :)

I don't remember all my food from day 1, but I will try to track my meals here, starting today. I also joined a crossfit gym yesterday and am excited for my very first WOD on Saturday :) I really hope this 30 days will help me to finally start fully enjoying my life, my body, my fitness everything in between :)

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Today was not perfect, but not bad either, so...

breakfast (~6am): 2 eggs, 1/2 big sweet potato, a handful of coconut flakes and 1 tbsp cashew butter

grande americano on the way to the office

lunch (~12pm): sweet potato and bacon soup (with onion and coconut milk and a lot of homemade smoked bacon, yum ;))

snack (~3.30 pm): 1 egg, 1 tomato, a handful of coconut flakes and 2 tsp of hazelnut butter (most random combo ever, but that's what I had in the office

dinner will be a salad of roasted beet, spinach, bacon and maybe some walnuts

I also drank a lot of water and unsweetened tea

I have some errands to run, so probably no workout today, but maybe...

After 2 days I see that I need to bring some food to snack on in the office that is not nuts or nut butter, preferably something that will not go bad in our office fridge too soon. I'm thinking olives, canned tuna, veggie chips... Any other ideas? I generally have trouble with snacks - something easy, quick and portable. I used to eat yogurt, cottage cheese, granola bars which are all out now. I'd appreciate any suggestions :)

I also need to try to seriously reduce nuts and especially nut butters. I hope to only revert to it when I face starvation ;)

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