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September Whole30!


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Day One Food

Breakfast: Hash with peppers and onions, two eggs over medium, slice of bacon (compliant, of course), and 1/2 banana with chia seeds.

Lunch: 1/2 large Cucumber, 1/2 large tomato, an apple. 

Dinner: Garlic pepper shrimp, cauliflower rice, steamed cabbage, and grapes.


Day One Thoughts/Feeings

Realizing it’s only day one, feeling pretty good. I was not very hungry around lunch mostly because breakfast was late today (gotta love those Friday night football games!) I did find myself getting hungry between lunch and dinner but a glass of water helped. The hubs isn’t doing this with me, so also making things that he will not mind eating for 30 days is making me a little anxious but breakfast and dinner were both a success.. here’s to hoping that continues. Excited for day two!


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Day Two Food

Breakfast/Lunch: 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 banana with chia seeds, 2 pieces bacon.

Dinner: hamburger patty with garden tomato slice and lettuce, two slices of compliant pickles, cashews, and grapes.


Day Two Thoughts/Feelings

I have had a splitting headache since waking up this morning (after a pretty solid 8hrs of sleep). I knew this was coming, but it is worse than I expected. Breakfast was really more of a brunch as it was another late night last night. Friends day came over and I had a surprisingly easy time saying no to the alcohol snack foods. Today was the first part of family holiday celebrations and I was worried how that would go. Despite being extremely tempted by dessert, all went well, family was supportive and hubs even helped by saying dessert wasn’t as good as it looked (my biggest food “problem” is all the sweets). Hoping tomorrow goes just as well, it’s family holiday part two and I know the dessert game will be even stronger. 


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Day Three Food

Breakfast: two scrambled eggs with compliant hot sauce, two pieces of bacon, 1/2 banana with chia seeds.

Lunch: hamburger patty with slice of garden tomato, lettuce and pickles, an avocado and a mango.

Snack: grapes and cashews.

Dinner: Round steak in a homemade balsamic vinegar marinade, carrots and green beans.


Day Three Thoughts/Feelings

Today was a good day. Headache is gone, and otherwise feeling pretty good. Part two of family cookouts went smoothly, and it was easier than expected to say no to desserts. Hubs and I took a short hike, so snack today was a pre-hike snack. 


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Day Four Food

Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs, an apple.

Lunch: left overs from dinner last night (beef round steaks in a balsamic vinager marinade, green beans, carrots).

Snack/Dinner: almonds, grapes, and too many cashews.


Day Four Thoughts/Feelings

Today was a little tougher than the first three days. Not sure if it is because I was back at work after a long weekend (and there were so many temptations, especially since my desk contains the chocolate/candy drawer and a staff member’s SO brings Dunkin on Tuesday’s... I didn’t cave, even though it was sooo hard to pass up donuts) or if it is because the headache of doom has returned and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the hangover phase, with a mild case of eat all the (sugary sweet) things. I didn’t feel like eating much of a dinner but wanted a small little something that turned into an over indulgence in cashews (hungrier that I thought..) I have also discovered that my meal planning is seriously lacking and I am plan on taking some time this evening or tomorrow to make a more detailed, and more creative, plan for next week. Simple is good/easy but it gets boring pretty quick. 


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Day 5 Food

Breakfast: 1/2 banana with chia seeds, 2 scrambled eggs with compliant hot sauce.

Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1 avocado, 1 mango, 1/2 tomato.

Dinner: grilled chicken “sandwich” with lettuce bun and tomato (not pictured).


Day Five Thoughts/Feelings

Today was an ok day. I have yet to decide if I’m not eating enough and that’s why I am constantly feeling hungry or if I just feel hungry because I am so used to snacking all the time. I think it is probably the later.. either way I am suffering from eat all the things once again today, with some pretty serious cravings for ice cream and/or potato chips. The hangover feeling has mostly passed, as has the headache, but I did stay home from work today and slept an extra 3 hours (on top of the 8 I got last night). I am anxiously awaiting more energy.


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Day Six Food

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with compliant hot sauce and 1/2 apple.

Snack: Handful of grapes and almonds.

Lunch/Dinner: Tuna fish with compliant mustard and 1 banana with compliant almond butter.


Day Six Thoughts/Feelings

Today was rough. All of last nights planning/prep for today went down the tubes because I had an early meeting I completely forgot about, meaning I rushed out the door leaving lunch and dinner (yay for late nights) unmade and at home. So on my lunch break (at 4 because yay late night), I ran to Walmart to try to find something that I could eat so I didn’t fail at day 6. So, cue simple dinner of banana with almond butter and tuna. I think it’s going to be a rough weekend too, because life, so I’m hoping I am able to stick with it..


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