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dudeascending's first Whole30 (1/1/13 - 1/31/13)


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Ugh. I had some kind of reaction to something from yesterday, or possibly Saturday night onwards. By Sunday morning, my tongue was tingling unpleasantly, almost as if I had burned it. It wasn't painful, just... fuzzy and swollen-feeling. Nothing really tasted right over it. Also, I got insanely, insanely itchy all over my body. I'm still trying to figure out what it is.

It really threw off my cooking/eating game. Everything tasted somehow off. I barely had any dinner because I just couldn't stomach it.

I'm feeling better today, although the tip of my tongue is still somewhat tingly. :(

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I had a blood test to identify which foods caused inflammation and pepper was on the list. Now if I have any accidentally my tongue burns & feels swollen... I wonder if you are allergic to something? Anything that you eat everyday can become a culprit.

Or you may have had a virus, they can do really weird things.

Hope you are feeling better. We are almost done!!

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