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Allie’s 3rd Whole30 - Jan 2 Start


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It’s Whole30 Day 1 in a year that I hope has a big theme of self care and love. 


I got got my first nail art manicure in the spirit of “treat yo’self” and got a big haul from vitacost and Fairway groceries. 


Day 1 (1/2/19) 

Brunch at 11:30 - kale/mesclun/arugula with asparagus, peppers, scallion, carrot, celery, potato, apple

Snacks: 2 clementines and banana with almond buster 

Dinner: compliant chicken sausage with green pepper, yellow onion and potato 

Drinks: water, tea, lemon seltzer 


Planning to document food at @whelmingeats on Instagram. 



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Day 2 in the books! 


Got it into work too late for breakfast. 

Lunch, had a salad with lots of lettuce, potato, grapes, blueberries, cucumber, carrot, sunflower seeds with oil/lemon/vinegar. 

Dinner part 1, had a side of potatoes I stashed from lunch to carry me to cooking at home. 

Dinner part 2, had a bunless beef/brisket burger w red onion, avocado, and primal kitchen chipotle mayo. And a handful of cashews. 

Also tea and seltzer - need to drink more water! 


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Day 3 is done! 

Breakfast: 2 soft boiled eggs, sweet potato (tessemae recipe), and half an avocado 

Lunch: mixed greens with half a beef/brisket burger, walnuts and carrots with tessemae habanero ranch dressing. 

Dinner: clementine, then salad out - with mango, avocado, peppers, cucumber, oil and vinegar

Drinks: water and lemon seltzer 


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Day 4 has come and gone. 

Breakfast: 2 soft boiled eggs, sweet potato, half avocado. 

Lunch: eggs with chives and salmon and side salad with oil and vinegar with green tea 

Dinner: Tessemaes Thai sweet potato and pumpkin soup w sprouted pumpkin seeds and an apple. 


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Day 5 was a Sunday meal prep day and a belated Hanukkah celebration. 

break fast: cashew handful and jasmine tea  

lunch: chipotle tuna salad with mesclun 

dinner: tomatillo/lime/cilantro chicken with guacamole with clams/paleo bacon/potatoes, and a clementine. 



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Day 6 

break fast: cashew handful 

breakfast: soft boiled eggs and sweet potatoes and clementine 

lunch: mesclun with peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and tuna salad 

snack: clementine and half banana with almond butter 

dinner: roasted thyme salmon and sautéed Brussels, zucchini and sweet potato. (Eating out is tough but this was pretty good!) 

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Day 7 was a busy one. Ate a late breakfast of eggs and sweet potato and a late lunch of veggie chili. Volleyball season picked back up - we won both games in our ranking scrimmage! When I got home I had some leftover pumpkin sweet potato soup. 

Day 8 was also busy. Had a late breakfast of leftover soup with some added scallions. And had a late lunch of salad with lots of toppings. Somewhere in there was a banana with almond butter. Was too tired to cook at home so going to bed early so I don’t get too hungry. 

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