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Firefly's Whole30 Long (try #2)

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Take two, day twenty-four

Let's just say today's course of events came out of absolutely no-where. Maybe it's because of the accumulative effects of me taking afternoon/early evening naps, or maybe it's just my body trying to get me ready for another long night tomorrow.......who knows? Let's just say, today's eating was rather weird.

Meal 1: 2 baked chicken wings, some potatoes & pineapples, coffee

Pre-walk snack: A few olives, roasted garlic & a spoonful of avocado mash

Post walk/dinner?: Applegate grilled chicken, Trader Joe's beef sirloin in Tessamae's Mattie BBQ sauce, water 

Snacks afterwards: 1 Epic lemon bar, 1 tangerine

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, as then...I'll have 5 days to go until part two of this journey.

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Take two, day twenty five

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs w/ bok choy, 1 shiitake mushroom, 1 piece bacon, water, coffee & creamer

Post workout: 1 Turkey Chomps Bar

Snack/Lunch/Munching?: Olives & pineapple chunks

Dinner: 1 Mediterranean burger w/ green onion, TJ's vegan pesto, tzatziki, ketchup, water

Overall, today was a much better day. I actually woke up at a good time, got the rest of my shopping done for the moment, and went to work-out. Those three things equal success for me. After having my burger just now, I really want some sort of potato to go along with it, but I will hold that temptation in. I only have 5 more days to go. I can do this me!!!

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Take two, day twenty-six

Very early morning: 1 apple w/ cashew butter

Later in the morning: 1 banana, coffee & creamer

Lunch: other half of paleo chili w/ 1/2 avocado, WF guacamole/pico de gallo mix with apple slices, water

Dinner: Herbed & spiced turkey w/ cauliflower rice, Wild Brine kimchi, seaweed snacks, water

Overall, today went better than expected. My late night snack helped hold me over (thank goodness) when I was working through the night. I didn't wake up at a ridiculous time, and my eating schedule wasn't thrown off because of it. :D

Also, I ended up making some of the turkey herb & spice turkey from the Whole30 cookbook. Even though it tasted good, it didn't get crispy. I know it's through my own fault, but I am just wanting anything that is just crispy now. Hopefully my Superbowl snacks will be sufficient enough. I'm also really excited to try making the Turkey Base from the cookbook so I can meal-prep some Thai Larb.  

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Take two, day twenty-seven

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs & prepped turkey, coffee & creamer

Lunch: Guacamole, 2 pieces bacon, blueberries, granny-smith apple slices, water

Dinner: Superbowl snacks (veggies, ranch, compliant shrimp cocktail, guacamole, vegan pesto, compliant chicken wings, paleo baked fries)

Overall, the temptation to just quit and be over with this is really strong right now. I guess I'm at the point where I'm just 'over it'. I'm just itching to get started with reintroductions to food groups, but I must wait until Wednesday. 

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Take two, day twenty-eight

Breakfast: Yogurt & blueberries w/ some chia seed sprinkled in, coffee & creamer

Lunch: leftover chicken wings,& ketchup, green apple slices, 1/4 RX bar, water

Snack: the rest of the green apple slices & RX bar

Dinner: last of the chicken wings, a little guac, veggie & dip, 1 baked potato w/ olive oil, S&P, & ranch, water

Overall, another solid day. I know by now that yogurt & fruit does not suit me for a whole morning of work, but again, I just didn't want any eggs. And the chicken wings + baked potato seemed to really really filling for me today. I'm not gonna worry about it too much, but I need to mention it now so that my brain can remember this. xD Two more days!

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Take two, day twenty-nine

Breakfast: 1 tangerine, 2 over-easy eggs, 2 pieces bacon, coffee & creamer

Afternoon meal 1: BBQ chicken w/ veggies, part of 1 avocado, water

Afternoon meal 2: The rest of the above + 1 lara bar (because what I had left wasn't enough......and........tomorrow's the last day.............)

Dinner: galbi jjim, cauliflower rice, kimchi, seaweed snacks, water

Overall, another day that turned out to work great! I was unsure about what I had prepped for lunch, but it turned out to be just fine (especially with the addition of the avocado). And (because of the Lunar New Year being today), my mother cooked up some galbi jjim, and she made a separate pot just for me (using green onion, coconut aminos, S&P, and garlic)!!! It was so yummy that I'm gonna take the rest of it for my lunch tomorrow. :)

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Take two, day thirty!

Breakfast: 2 pieces bacon, 2 over-easy eggs, coffee & creamer

Lunch: leftover dinner from last night, water

Afternoon hold-over: Naked Blue Machine

Dinner: Whole-30 Chipotle salad bowl!

Overall, I am so relieved.......I DID IT (mostly)!!!!! I may have had some things that were questionable.......I may have incorrectly consumed that I thought was compliant (but wasn't)......I may not have followed the plan even 100% and done everything perfectly......but the point is...I set a goal......and in my mind, I accomplished it! Now, onto the important stuff........

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