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Please advise; Is this ghee too undercooked or is it compliant? *photos attached


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Hi folks,

So I made ghee, I think I didn't let it go for long enough though, or maybe I needed to strain it through cheese cloth twice? I scraped  a lot of milk solids off the top while it was cooking, the smell changed, I could see many many brown bits at the bottom of the pot, so then I strained it through a thrice folded over cheesecloth and a mesh strainer into a jar ... there were brown bits in the cheese cloth too and some stuck to the pan as well, the liquid is very amber in color and looks like ghee, when I first poured it while still hot there were no particles floating around, so I really thought I'd gotten it right ... but now it has cooled this is happening, it seems as though there are milk solids floating around, is this the case!? I think my possible solutions are;

1. Put in fridge, milk solids sink to bottom and I can scoop the top off to use (which is maybe just clarified butter, not ghee?)

2. Re-boil it ... I really don't want to do this once cause I'm lazy and have too much else to do

3. Just strain it through cheese cloth once more

4. I'm wrong, it's totally fine as it is


Please my fellow W30 and homemade ghee masters tell me what is going on, how I can avoid it next time, what to do to rectify it this time so I can use this versatile healthy fat and stay compliant. Thank you!! <3 




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Okay I just found this;


The video (by pure Indian foods a compliant brand) says sometimes ghee will have that sort of a textural difference it's just different fats acting in different ways ... that if I refrigerate it then the texture will be smooth again ... I'm still curious what any of ya'll say/think about if it is a compliancy issue or not... I did make two batches and the other batch isn't doing this at all so idk hmm. :huh:

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