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  1. TEwhole30

    Homemade Non Dairy Yogurt

    Thank you, @ShannonM816! Yes, I like to make my own mylks so it is literally just nuts/seeds a pinch of salt and water. I don't have any issues with natural flavors additives etc. Plus it helps me reduce my physical waste by not needing to buy as many packaged items. Sadly my favorite mylks to make are flax and pumpkin seed, which are both on the shopping list under fats, however they're listed under the limit section. Maybe I need to experiment with making my own coconut mylk from dried coconut instead, so I can count it more completely as a pated fat .. which I think is the hardest category to incorporate to a meal anyway.
  2. Hi W30ers! If I want to eat flax mylk yogurt that I make myself, that is compliant in regards to ingredients .. would it be considered a fat since flax are seeds, or would it be a protein, what about if I used pumpkin seed mylk or hemp mylk ... hemp is listed as a protein for the vegetarian W30. Excited to hear your feedback. Thank you!
  3. Hi All, Is anybody else having an issue where they cannot access the search feature... mine is obscured by the social media icons. I am on an apple laptop, running macOS Mojave version 10.14.6 I have tried to reveal the search feature into a clickable option many ways; -in my usual google chrome browser and in safari -in a maximized and various other manual sizings of the window -clicking from various positions around the button etc. I would really, really, really like to be able to use the search feature to minimize redundant questions, I find that searching through google only brings up limited results clicking through to forum posts, usually always in the Can I have section ... and I have a couple topics I wanted to dig a little deeper into. I'm attaching a screen grab of what it looks like for me. Somebody please help! Thank you! Taylor
  4. TEwhole30

    Vegan Shopping List

    Hi All, I've done 1 round of W30 in the past, turned out soy was a trigger for me! ....so was almond butter, sad day! Legumes however were not a problematic food for me. I'm now wanting to embark on my own version of a whole 30 vegan style .... I understand I'm not really doing the whole 30. What I'm hoping a moderator can help me with is a vegan shopping list ... I found the vegetarian one listed on the website .... but I've seen another one floating around that is vegan specific and has legumes listed on it ... I wanted to see if this was just made out in the world by somebody or it was actually provided by W30, I am attaching it below, I'm having trouble finding it not blurry but if it's real I'd love to find it! Thank you!
  5. TEwhole30

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    What about hummus with paleo breads/crackers? I know you said carrots are meh for you but what about other veggies like cucumbers, peppers, radish, jicama? I personally love humus on a baked potato. Also, hummus may be less of an irritant if you make it yourself as there won't be the same types of additives/preservatives and you can really soak the beans before you make it. Good luck! I'm on day 9 of my first W30 and am excited to find out how foods will impact me afterwards hope this reintro phase gives you the information you're looking for
  6. TEwhole30

    Intimidated by veggies... some help finding variety

    I love cauliflower and brussels sprouts for roasting ... brussels sprouts I like to quarter and then roast with avocado oil salt and pepper and they're always tasty cauliflower is so neutral and can carry so many seasonings really nicely, I'll roast them one night with a bunch of seasoning and the next day incorporate them into something else for example; roasted with an Italian type blend ... leftovers tossed in with spaghetti squash meat sauce (which yay glad you had and loved that!) roasted with curry or other asian blend ... leftovers tossed into a curry/stew or stir fry roasted with Latin flavored spices ... leftovers tossed into a taco salad I find cucumber to be an easy thing to incorporate and they're so good for you! for me the key is blending my own herbs and spices using my nose, cutting things down small so they get an extra little crisp to them. Honestly, dollar stores have fresh produce ... I saw eggplant there the other day, be sure you salt it and let it rest to pull out the bitterness before you cook it (this would also be great in a meat sauce and spag squash) ... you could even try to spiralize zucchini or yellow squash, maybe you'd like them better in sauce / the texture changes when it's in noodle shape. Also, if you aren't loving things you've made, throwing it all together into a soup or curry sometimes masks what you don't like or reverses what may have gone wrong in the cooking .... or you can also try new veggies in a frittata that's another masking strategy I also loooove mushrooms and beets (poaching beets and then peeling after is the easiest way in my opinion) shredded radishes in taco salads? Hahha okay I'm gonna stop now, I guess I love too many veggies Good luck!
  7. TEwhole30

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    Oh my gosh, I am such a sucker for fast food so I hear you! Although that must have been a good feeling in some ways, to eat something that would normally be such a bad but loved food and not find that same satisfaction in it ... making future cravings easier to shut down! I browsed through a few of your posts and I love them, I am so impressed you were able to start around the holidays, more power to you! I hope this new round 2 is everything you want. I'll def revisit for some inspiration when I start my first (well first real round) in January! I did like 20 days in the summer but didn't manage to see it through. Also I was wondering, what are you using to track your sleep? Thanks for all your sharing!