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"Pausing" a reintroduction?


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First timer here. I'm on day 10 of 38 (restarted on day 9...)

I've recently decided to start over (soy in olive oil spray?! DANG IT!!!!!!!!), and that puts me into a tricky place with a stressful business trip I have coming up. I had planned to be done with the full reintoduction before the trip so I could eat the provided meals and eat out easily. Anyway, 8 days in I made the fatal error. So I'll still be able to finish the full 30 days, but that leaves just 7 days for the reintro. My question is this: can I reintroduce a couple of things that I think will make it easier to eat out, and then pause? I'm thinking legumes (since soy lecithin is the thing that snuck up on me, so I'm hyper-aware of its sneakiness) and maybe dairy... If those check out, would I be okay to keep them in my travel diet, and then come home to introduce the rest (which I guess only leaves grains - non-gluten and then gluten...)? Would I need to return to full Whole30 eating before/during the grain reintro? Will this throw the whole process off?

Any other suggestions or warnings? I can also just suck it up and eat W30 for the trip - I know I can do hard things... But if it's not critical, I'd prefer to take that off my plate.

PS My main goal in doing the program is to figure out what is causing my intestinal/digestive distress. I don't want to short-change that process. My body did seem to react to the soy when I accidentally ate it (although it could have been typical, um, bathroom concerns... I've read of others having at some point along the way), so I'm definitely wanting to make sure that I tune in well to decipher all of this.

Thanks so much!!!!

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