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Grocery Today, Let's Do this Tomorrow!


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After putting off starting for a few weeks, I am finally ready to begin. Grocery shopping today, list in hand, might hit the bakery one last time. I turned 50 a month ago, started Crossfit (drank the Koolaid) and am a regular runner and fit person. I wanted to quit smoking by age 40, did it at 38 and ran my first marathon my 40th year. A decade later, still running and working out like a madman but still eating like crap. I've been dealing with arthritis in my shoulder and never made the connection between diet and inflammation in the body until recently. I guess I never paid attention and went on the word of a doctor who wants to treat with drugs and injections. My biggest fear in starting this is my crazy sweet tooth and the fact that I am not a cook. Left to my own devices, I eat out or open a box of cereal. This will be a huge change and luckily I have a supportive husband who doubles as an amazing cook. I am looking forward to seeing how my body reacts to this thing and would love some good vibes thrown at me. I promise to send a bunch of them back.

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