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Starting 3/17


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I figured I should do an introduction post...

I am a freshman college student and am doing the Whole30 both to increase the variety of foods I eat and to hopefully help with my bloating. A bit of backstory: I struggled with an eating disorder from age 15 until... well... I consider myself pretty much recovered now, but I just stopped tracking calories recently.

I will admit: I have a lot of silly fear foods. This is one thing I think Whole30 will help me with: I am afraid of normal, healthy foods like potatoes (especially white potatoes), fats of any kind except peanut butter, meats of any kind except skinless poultry breast, too much fruit... I depend on dairy (a lot of lowfat/nonfat cottage cheese and Greek yogurt) and peanut butter, so eliminating these will "force" me to try other foods. In all, I would consider myself a healthy eater: I eat a great deal of protein, a moderate amount of starchy carbs, minimal sugar/sweetener, and I try to eat a lot of veggies and one serving of fruit a day. The biggest changes for me will be cutting out the yogurt and cottage cheese, the peanut butter, and the 1-2 daily servings of oats/corn/whole wheat I have a day, since I already don't eat a lot of "processed".

On the other hand, I have horrible bloating and gastric issues. I think something I am eating is causing it, so I am trying the Whole30. Knowing, however, that I both have a history of anorexia and am in college, I am not going to force it to be 30 days. If I mentally am not in a good place along the way, I am planning to stop, because I never want to get back into that restrictive mindset.

Overall, I am super excited about starting! I can't wait for Sunday. Sorry if this rambled.

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