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Back after several years...


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I'm going to start a Whole30 after I get back from Ocean City on 7/21.  Too hard to do while traveling with family and probably 4 different diets between us (1 vegan, 1 vegetarian, 1 gluten free and me who is dairy free/grain free).  I have done the Whole30 5 or 6 times since about 2012.   Each time I falter on Day 13-14, like clockwork, so I've never technically completed the Whole30 (29 of 30 days went well).  My guess is I lack in the prep work department and relied on snacks, not meals.  I'm 54 with scoliosis that has limited my activity for about 5 years.  Dairy free since I figured out it was the root of my hot flashes (gone!).  Mostly vegetarian and grain free. Can't say 100% anything.   I'm looking for an energy reboot and sugar beast slaying, not weight loss, and I hope this Forum is as active and friendly as it was years ago.   This time around the kids are all in college or out working so I don't have to cook for them as well. Thanks!  ~Pam

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