terlyngil67 Whole30 Log starting August 1, 2019

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2 hours ago, terlyngil67 said:


Didn't eat lunch again today :huh:

Dinner was tuna salad with aioli garloc mayo, cucumbers and black olives. 

I can definitely relate to the skipping meals or wanting to.  Never did that before whole30...the food I eat now is so filling and satisfying that my body is still getting used to that...and the volume of those fruits and veggies..it can be a lot!

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@Amy_Michigan that's so true! I used to graze all day long, but I never really felt satisfied or full.

Now I'm not really hungry between meals. Although the cravings for junk carbs is trying to make me think I'm hungry. 

Nice try Sugar Dragon, but you have to try harder than that to knock me off my wagon! ;)

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