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    Since becoming a mom, the time I set aside for hobbies has been limited, but my interests/hobbies include movies, travelling, outdoor sports, visiting new places, trip planning, video blogging, and arts/crafting. I also enjoy learning about different cultures.

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  1. Hope you figured out a good meal 3! I’m rooting for you! I hope everyone that is on here that came from yo-yoing weight (including me) can just find a new healthier norm for’s that simple, right? (I wish.. but it certainly helps that I have found like minded people trying to be healthy everyday.)
  2. Amy_Michigan

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    The beef stew sounds delicious! Hope you found a good movie. I watched half of First Man on HBO Now. I’m glad I didn’t want to grow up to be an astronaut or this movie would have squashed that dream showing how difficult preparations for the moon landing were. It’s a pretty good movie though so far..just long.
  3. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    THE END Well, it is Day 29 and I had TACO BELL. 3 hard shell tacos... I still want to see how everyone else does with their Whole30, so I'm going to be checking in on you all and commenting! I guess my reintro is going to start with corn, soy, a teeny tiny gluten/wheat, and a little bit of over-processed cheese... ::rolling my eyes at myself. :: I over-spent over the weekend and didn't have any money left for groceries on my prepaid "budgeting" card... And I left for work this morning without making breakfast or packing a lunch! I had six dollars left on my prepaid card and spent it on my tacos. I was starving. I have other credit cards and a bank debit card, but I don't carry those in my purse because of my spending issues. Note to self for future: stay prepared with groceries!!!! I definitely do NOT plan to be visiting Taco Bell on a regular basis. I will consider this an emergency, even though it was brought on by poor planning. I've never had trouble with digestive issues, so I wasn't really stressing "reintro" as one of my main reasons for doing the Whole30. I was doing it to try to eat healthier foods and cut back on the fast-food (and to start a healthy lifestyle that could continue helping me to lose weight and keep it off). I ended my whole30 with fast food, BUT I went 28 days without it, so I know I have accomplished A LOT and I plan to keep going after a little break and decide whether I want to do another W30 or a stricter AIP W30. My face still has red patches around my nose, so to help skin issues I may need to try AIP for 30 days to see if it will help since my skin issues could be related to my Lupus. If AIP does help, that would definitely help my motivation to continue my new healthy lifestyle! I will start a brand new post on here if I decide to start another W30 after my undetermined break period. Taco Shell Ground corn, vegetable oil (soybean, corn and/or cottonseed oil), oat fiber. [certified vegan] Seasoned Beef Beef, water, seasoning [cellulose, chili pepper, maltodextrin, salt, oats (contains wheat), soy lecithin, spices, tomato powder, sugar, onion powder, citric acid, natural flavors (including smoke flavor), torula yeast, cocoa, disodium inosinate & guanylate, dextrose, lactic acid, modified corn starch], salt, sodium phosphates. Contains: Soy, Wheat Cheddar Cheese Cheddar cheese (cultured pasteurized milk, salt, enzymes, annatto (VC)), anti-caking agent. Contains: Milk [certified vegetarian]
  4. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Dinner was "da bomb" for my family because I bought them burger buns and let them have some of my BBQ pulled pork in sandwiches. I also made them some baked beans. I will admit- I was more than a little jealous!!! And of course, my 4 year old son only picked at it and said the pork looked like "wood chips" and my almost-7-year-old daughter with her teeny tiny quarter-sized stomach ate a few bites and said she was full. At least my husband appreciated it. For me, I ate more sweet potato with ghee & more pork & whole30 BBQ sauce. So, I kind of ate sweet potato and pork all day, as well as a WHOLE bag of baby carrots, but oh well! That was the sort of day it was.
  5. Amy_Michigan

    Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go

    I can relate to that... I have a lot of work to do after this whole30 to keep working on my relationship with food. And I need to work on changing my life in ways to prevent myself from going back to old habits.
  6. Amy_Michigan

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    Hope your food prep day goes well! Congrats on getting enough sleep. I need to start reading before bed again and drinking some herbal tea...I know that helps me!
  7. Thanks for being honest on here! It really helps to know we are all different people and no one is perfect, and we can all make adult decisions about what works and what doesn’t for us. I remember a few years back I tried another whole30 and used this forum...the feedback I got made me give up because the moderators were chiming in that I wasn’t doing things right and it was too much stress and pressure and not enough support. I’m so happy they changed the forums. What I know about being on is hard to be 100% honest in my posts because I’m still scared of being judged even without the moderators. However, as long as I am on here and posting most days, I am living a healthier lifestyle, regardless of a few slip ups or rule breaking here and there. I have found that avoiding sugar 100% of time and recreating things or eating paleo foods that are restricted on the whole30 (SWYPO) are the hardest struggles for me on this whole30. That aside, the amount of healthy fats, proteins, veggies, and fruit I am eating now during my whole30 is a total life changing success and I know it’s going to help me long term. The weekends are more unstructured for me too...totally relate. We’re still in this together, though, and you are doing great!!!!
  8. Amy_Michigan

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    Yay for great sleep!!!! Good luck with getting your walk in! I don't really have a problem with the grocery store too much, because I know as soon as I am done with my Whole30, I am adding in dark chocolate with at least 85% cacao. I don't need anything else in my life- I'm a chocolate girl. I read on facebook about a girl that did an "almost" whole30 for 6 whole months except for very dark chocolate and she lost like 100 pounds. I think that could work for me- haha. I'm especially going to try not to add back in alcoholic beverages, because before my whole30 started, I realized drinking beer was causing me major inflammation and lupus issues. Sorry to hear all the meal planning and your whole30 foods being swiped from the fridge is causing you frustration. And eggs. I really don't understand why you feel like you need eggs everyday, but I remember back to my first whole30 and that is what I did and it really kept me on-track. However, if it isn't realistic for you to eat eggs each morning after your whole30, why do it now? Really, it's up to you, but what are your plans to replace eggs once your whole30 is over? Sorry, I can't be much help with suggestions. I don't make enough food to have leftovers for breakfast. After my last Whole30, I got in the habit of making sweet potato soup (puree) and add cooked chicken breast into the soup. The soup is made with coconut milk. It is DEEEELISH, So I guess I ate that for breakfast A LOT and is my best suggestion to replace eggs. Here is the recipe. It is slow cooker/makes a lot, so it lasts at least half of the week. When I got sick of that I would switch over to this puree with added chicken instead.
  9. Amy_Michigan

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Aww, that sucks about your ear! Unfortunately, there is always one thing or another that crops up from time to time. Hope it isn't serious! Sometimes when I wake up my ear hurts and I just figure it has something to do with my bad jaw alignment while I am sleeping or something, and it goes away after a little while. I've been meaning to ask the doctor about that. I've already asked the dentist about my jaw, but they didn't really offer any good suggestions. They couldn't even tell anything was wrong with it when they checked it one time, it wasn't clicking or anything that day. Good idea to take break from the coconut since that seemed like the culprit of some issues. I'm doing the same thing for walnuts & almonds. Have fun with your family game night!
  10. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Day 27 Breakfast- Banana Lunch- Pork & whole30 BBQ sauce, baby carrots, sweet potato and ghee Dinner- Thinking about having a pork salad with some sort of dressing that I still have to figure out. Mayo mixed with BBQ? Who knows. Going to think on it.
  11. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    I bought some BBQ sauce from the store listed Whole30 approved and it is pretty yummy mixed in with my pork! Definitely going to need to look up some other pork recipes though. I need to eat A LOT of pork over the next few days LOL. Hopefully my kids will like pulled pork sandwiches..I bought some buns for them. @Emma, I didn't see your post until this afternoon, but I did wake up and the first thing I did with my kids was go for a bike ride! It was beautiful outside and honestly so different to look around the beautiful apartment complex from riding on my bike. I had no idea how much it could change and improve my mood to ride around instead of walk around with the kids! I'm so happy. I just need to keep that up! Like you said, it is hard it keep doing it. Whether it's gym, bike riding, etc... definitely challenging to get up and go. My kids like to bike ride though, so I will get plenty of opportunities on the weekends before the snow falls.
  12. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Day 26 breakfast: the rest of the leftover chicken breast lunch: 2 fried eggs and a large baked sweet potato with ghee dinner: wasn’t very hungry..just ate some Applegate farms deli meat and an apple Geez, did bad today so I will have a multivitamin. Will try to do better tomorrow... There is currently a five pound pork loin in the slow cooker and it has been in there the last 12 hours smelling up our apartment with the most wonderful aroma. Can’t wait to eat it tomorrow! Bought a brand new bike today. I need to make plans to ride it now
  13. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Whole 30 Log Starting July 15, 2019

    Day 25 breakfast- none lunch- huge container of mixed fruit (berries, melon, grapes) and a big salad (cuc, hard boiled egg, lettuce, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, evoo/balsamic vinegar) dinner- Applegate farms turkey breast mixed with compliant mayo, cuc, and tomatoes. And my paleo chips. Yup-not whole 30 compliant, even if the ingredients are. Got through the day...all I can really say. Also, my kids are so cute. My 4 year old son asks every night, “Will you rest with me, momma?” And I say of course and I sit down on the floor next to his bed and lay my head next to his pillow for a minute or two. Really I have so much to be thankful for, even if a lot of the time during the work week I feel so stressed.. My husband says he is going to make spending more time together a priority and we are all going to the park together in the morning which should be fun.
  14. Amy_Michigan

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    That is a better way of stating the same thing that was happening to me! Well, I’m living proof it doesn’t always have to be that way... don't know exactly what made it go away, but I thought it was going to happen the rest of my life and poof, all of a sudden it goes away!
  15. Amy_Michigan

    Round 3.2 - Learning As I Go

    Yay! I have been reading that a lot in people's posts this week, and I have logged it myself- no desire to over-eat or binge on non-compliant foods. We've gone to families houses, friends houses, and/or fast food/restaurants and succeeded in not getting an old favorite dessert or sugary drink. Emma still goes to McDonalds, I still go to Starbucks...and we are still in it to win it, sipping on our unsweetened convenience drink. It's also funny that I often make a bigger deal out of doing a Whole30 than the people I am around. Your observations were so true. Keep up the awesomeness! So funny how excited you were to find larabars... all of the ones I like the best are not compliant Oh well! We are almost to the end..not much longer now! Food freedom here we come.