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  1. So I already messed up. Note to self: don't have ice cream in the house. Starting clean tomorrow! Happy New Year everyone!
  2. @Brewer5 The chopped nuts sound really good! Haha.. and that rule sounds like a good one. I just have to stop forgetting about my protein needs and then I'm all about it. I bought some sparking water today for myself, and I also bought sparkling grape juice for the family. This might be the first year I let my kids stay up (or wake them up if they demand it) for New Years. They are 5 and 8 years old and their bedtime is still 8 PM but they usually read in bed until 9 or 9:30 at the latest (bigger kid reads to littler kid). Neither of them have stayed up past 10 PM. My husband does n
  3. I'm making pot pie for my family right now. I still haven't figured a dinner for myself. Need to think about available proteins. I accidently put all the chicken I thawed into a pot pie so an easy chicken salad is unfortunately not going to happen. I just got some celery and red onion from the store, so maybe a tuna salad. Going to need to thaw some chicken for tomorrow.
  4. @Brewer5Oops, read your post wrong from November. Glad you are thinking about being around more. You are right. It does help to know someone is reading and cares about your success! Day 2- Managed to avoid all the sugary, bready things in the house again by waiting to have breakfast until around 11:30. Yay me. Had some coffee with unsweetened almond milk to start my day. Starting Day 2, I've had: Vegetables/Starch: An ENTIRE 10oz bag of Birds Eye frozen "Shredded Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes with Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets". A lot of carbs, but I'm here for hea
  5. Reflection on Day 1: I do have to work on getting more protein into my diet. Veggies too but I'm more concerned with protein because I'm switching over from eating lots of cheese, regular milk, greek yogurt, peanut butter, beans/legumes, and soy milk for protein. Pretty much everything you can't eat on a Whole30. I added eggs into my diet on my first day of my Whole30, so I'm super proud of that. Haven't prepared and eaten an egg of my own free will in months. Tomorrow, will add in a little bit of chicken. I remembered to take it out of the freezer - yay me! My first Whole30 back i
  6. Hi @Brewer5! Seems like I missed you by a month, but maybe we'll be on here doing a whole30 again around the same time in the future, who knows! Good job on finishing up at the end of November! I love reading your posts because I really relate to so much you talk about, especially about how the best time to restart your healthy lifestyle journey is not when you are feeling desperate, but when your motivation meter is high (summarized in my own words, haha). Hopefully, my motivation stays where I need it to be to keep this going for awhile. I usually don't get all the way to 30 days, b
  7. Another Whole30. Decided it is time. The last 4 months, I have been eating vegetarian. I feel fine, but I have been heavily relying on dairy and bread instead of vegetables and protein. My goal is to start over again and change my habits. I want to track by food type instead of meals. This is what I have eaten so far today. Vegetables/Starch: Sweet Potato Fruit: Frozen mixed fruit (Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberry, Raspberries) ProteIn: 2 eggs Fat: Ghee Other:
  8. Great job resisting the sweets! I'm so jealous of you swimming at the beach! I would have to travel 3.5 hours to get to a nice beach
  9. Good luck to you! I also have itchy-issues. I dont know of it's appears as red inflamed small areas my fingers and toes when I eat certain foods..I haven't been able to pin it down either. Only happens 1-2× per month. Anyway, sounds like you're on the right path! Hope the next week goes well for you!