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    Hobbies lately include: Watching netflix, watching Marvel movies with my husband, Bike riding, Walking on the treadmill, and reading. My favorite authors include Mauve Binchy, Susanna Kearsley, Deanna Raybourn, Kate Morton, and Tasha Alexander.

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  1. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    You completed your whole30! Wow!!! Awesome work! Sorry about your toe situation- major bummer. Hope you feel better soon. Love that you know yourself enough to know right away this is for life, not 30 days.
  2. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    Yay! That is wonderful to hear! Good luck with the new job To get my mind off of my own job stress and worries, I've been walking everyday and doing Spanish lessons. Only 3 days in...hope I can keep up this up because goal achievement feels really good!!!
  3. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Log for 2020

    As much as I wanted it, I haven't started over yet in terms of my food choices. It totally sucks that I keep making the wrong choices every day. However, until I'm ready, I want to try to remember to post one good thing I did on each given day, so I'm not so down on myself. One good thing about today: I walked a mile during my lunch hour. I used the Map my Walk app so I could get my total time and distance walked.
  4. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    Haha...Oops. Just trying to say I felt bad you may have eaten something that didnt make you feel the best... anyway, very cool that you live in the Indianapolis area and we are both midwesterners. I don't think I have ever visited Indiana. Ohio and Wisconsin- yes. I haven't had an excuse to go to many other midwestern states. I decided after studying abroad in college that I wanted to appreciate where I live more and explore every corner of the cities I live in and keep travel within my state for the most part and cherish moments with family instead of leaving them behind again. I know I'm missing out on a lot of wonderful parks and other touristy places doing that, so maybe eventually I will change my tune, but that has kind of been my motto unless my work sends me somewhere. Anyway, I love the vibe and energy you are giving off in your posts lately! You are rocking it! It is a bit contagious, I feel! And the weather is beautiful today, so that helps!
  5. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    I thought at first you meant you were working on writing a book instead of in the middle of reading one..oops. Anyway, besides the green beans, sounds like you are doing great. I sometimes look back to 2014-2015 when I was at my healthiest, and I wonder why I can't just be that person again with that motivation and healthy eating habits. I remember feeling low-stress at my job, and I was able to work outside a lot in addition to spending time outdoors at home getting into shape. People say you should look at the food you eat first, but for me I think if I am sabotaging my fitness goals/exercise routine, I don't have a lot of motivation to eat healthy either.
  6. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    And, sorry I didn't mention this, but I've had a weird heart skipping a beat or heart fluttering situation (something that makes me "feel/notice" the beats) that has freaked me out before in the past. Always scary, and sorry to hear something like that happened to you. At least you knew to try things that could help keep your body in balance. I'm very impressed!
  7. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    Yay, DAY 11!!!! That is great! I'm glad I'm back to logging in and reading your posts. I'm still eating non-compliant foods, unfortunately, but inching my way closer to where I want to be because I've been making more paleo recipes and all of the snacks in the house that I liked are gone and I am NOT replacing them. After I made hamburgers, my daughter asked if we could have them every week, and both of my kids finished theirs. It am so happy when I am able to have my daughter finish a meal, especially including red meat. I also made tuna salad with onions, celery, primal kitchen mayo, salt/pepper, and garlic powder....I used three 5oz cans of tuna and an entire package of celery. I told my husband that he could eat one of the three containers I filled up because it was so much. I will be eating tuna salad for lunch for about a week, I think. But the only way I was going to make this tuna salad was cutting up the vegetables as soon as I got them delivered from the store. Otherwise I would let them go bad. And it worked! I made carrot fries the same day... so I'm eating a lot more veggies now. Anyway, sorry for such a long update on your log. Just want to say thanks for all of the food ideas
  8. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    Great to hear you are thinking positive about your career option in the nursing field. Good luck!! I’m getting some meal ideas from you that I’m going to try for tomorrow. Hamburgers sound really good.... and steak and potatoes YUM
  9. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Log for 2020

    So, I've had a rough month in terms of my health. I gained back the weight I lost earlier this year..literally just 1.5-2 months ago I was 10-15 lb lighter. Ugghhhh. Wake up call. So I'm back. Tomorrow. No excuses anymore. I have veggies and chicken in the fridge...and the veggies are going to start going bad if I don't eat them soon. The food is here, so it's as simple as eating those right foods and not the wrong ones. So very simple... (Rolling my eyes) Anyway, keep a look out for my daily posts. I will be here. I updated my notification settings, and I'll put a reminder on my phone...anything I have to do to remember to post, I'll do it.
  10. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    Good for you for fighting for what you want and not giving up. A lot of things have changed in the past month (obviously) but what I want hasn't changed. I'm just not reaching for it like I was before. When you are in this (I mean REALLY in this), you allow that passion to drive you, and continue driving you more than 10 days, more than 14 days...even if we are not perfect, if we can be at 95% for those 10-14 days then we CAN make it to 30 and it will change our lives and help us develop new, healthier lifestyles. I need to let that goal consume me again, but I'm scared. It takes over everything. But it also prevents me from having random lupus flares so it IS worth it. There is a half of a batch of cookies still left over from my baking day with the kids yesterday. And it will cause me pain, serious mental pain, not to eat any tomorrow, but I really want to be in this again. And the best time to do it is when others are there to support you and share their experiences with you. So I'm so happy you're still posting.
  11. Amy_Michigan

    April WFH Accountability Log

    Another Day 1 of trying to have healthier habits. I have decided to go old school and track my habits on paper. I'm going to take pictures and still post, though. Summary: Snacking at night is still a bad habit and food choices are not ideal. My meals during the day were mostly whole30 compliant and filling foods. Didn't eat a lot of veggies but I'm allowing myself flexible on that during quarantine. Goal for today is to exercise more, and snack a little less after thr kids go to bed.
  12. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Log for 2020

    Good luck!
  13. Amy_Michigan

    Very Hungry Mommy W30 Round 2

    I’m so happy for you that you are starting again and making that commitment. I had one good, compliant meal today, so that is a start. If I can keep improving my habits this week, I might be able to join you soon!
  14. This log is going to be an outlet for me. I don't post a lot on social media. I don't want to talk about my feelings or anxiety over this pandemic on here. I mostly want to use this as a place to center myself and have some normalcy each day. I want to post what I eat, the recipes I try, and which ones I want to try next. I want to write about how my day went and what I did with my husband and kids. So on that note, I will start with today. April 1st 2020- Day 1 of my work-from-home food log (I hadn't yet decided to start this log yet, so I'm hoping to go back to better habits I learned from my whole30s starting tomorrow) M1: White bakery bread with 1/3 fat cream cheese, cinnamon kind bar M2: oreos (too many), graham crackers (too many), and milk M3: 1 mini pot pie muffin, cucumber slices and avocado ranch Snacks throughout day: Another 2 slices of white bakery bread with 1/3 fat cream cheese, 3 or 4 cans of vernors/pop, 1 strawberry yogurt, 1 popsicle, 1 bottle of apple juice After work I did a puzzle with my kids, read them a chapter from Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and watched them try out some yoga moves that my son's preschool teacher posted a video of. My husband and I watched an episode of Gargoyles on Disney+, and we have started watching Game of Thrones for the second time, so tonight we watched another episode (near the middle of Season 1). I was in bed trying to fall asleep, but realized how important it was to get back up and type this out for my "day 1" so that tomorrow can I can move forward/passed this and try harder on day 2.
  15. Amy_Michigan

    Amy's Log for 2020

    @Brewer5 I'm alive- thank you for asking me to check in. I have occasional coughing but I'm feeling 90% back to normal. My family is also doing well. I'm able to work from home for the new job I was hired for (whew), but I'm not extremely busy. I think things will improve in time. Construction projects are a little up in the air right now, even though public works was considered "essential". I work at a civil engineering consulting firm and everyone in my office has set up their computers at home and continued working. My husband, I may have mentioned, is a stay at home dad who works from home part time as an online test-prep instructor. So we've been okay; he is homeschooling the kids. I am going to start a new journal on this site somewhere to help me through April. Not sure what it will be under- food freedom maybe. All I know is that I've been eating like crap the last 2 weeks because of the temptations from being at home all day. And for some reason when I was loading up the grocery cart a couple weeks ago for my family, I happened to grab all my old favorite snack foods/comfort foods... wheat thins, cheese-its, graham crackers, oreos, and LOTS of granola bars that look like candy bars. So that wasn't very smart. I've been noticing a few health related consequences of eating junk- some lupus related skin issues. I have noticed a few red bumps inflamed on my arms, and I got this weird under-the-skin blood spot on the crook of my left elbow. That was weird enough that I messaged my rhematologist. She didn't think it was an emergency, but I will also let my primary care/internal medicine doctor know too, just in case. I noticed it yesterday and it already seems to be fading a little bit today, like a bruise would. So I'm putting my health in jeopardy when it is NOT a great time to do that. On the plus side, after 45's tweet about my lupus medication being a possible miracle drug (which is NOT proven), I was able to pick up a 3 month supply...Thank God- I thought my pharmacy would have been cleaned out like how stores were with toilet paper. So at least I don't have to worry about that for a little while! Oh- and I have been praying every day for this pandemic to end. I live outside of Detroit, but not far. Looks like Detroit may be following in NYC's footsteps, at least in terms of the steep incline of cases. There are about 600 cases in my county right now. I'm trying not to let anxiety get to me.