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    Hobbies lately include: Watching netflix, watching Marvel movies with my husband, Bike riding, Walking on the treadmill, and reading. My favorite authors include Mauve Binchy, Susanna Kearsley, Deanna Raybourn, Kate Morton, and Tasha Alexander.

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  1. Amy_Michigan

    No sugar for 30 days...reset/post-whole30

    Well, the rest of day 1 didn't go exactly to plan, but it went well nonetheless. Lunch: Cucumber and leftover lentils in pasta sauce Dinner: Stir Fry Vegetables and Rice. I used the exact vegetables I wrote above and it was delicious over rice. Picked up groceries curbside- carried LOTS of bags up a few flights of stairs and then: Dinner Part 2 - Had more stir fry vegetables and rice (and some almonds) in order to make sure I would be full for the rest of the night. 2 glasses of green tea today and plenty of water.
  2. Amy_Michigan

    No sugar for 30 days...reset/post-whole30

    Mission "Eat Less Empty Calories" (Non-Whole 30 Log) - Day 1 Breakfast: Two eggs fried in coconut oil and a sliced apple Plans for lunch and dinner: Lunch: Roasted broccoli, Roasted Carrots, Leftover lentils in tomato pasta sauce. Dinner: Stir Fry Vegetables (green beans, mushrooms, carrots, snow peas, broccoli, ginger, garlic) with small amount of rice. Organic soymilk fortified with B12. (protein from veggies and soymilk)
  3. I had a semi-successful whole30 in 2019...didn't make it quite to 30 days, but close enough for me. I was and still am proud of myself. My last 100% compliant whole30 was back in 2014. I don't know why, but it was easier to be strict when Whole30 was new to me. I wanted to do a whole30 in August, but it did not go well due to birthdays and such. Sept 1st I transitioned to being mostly vegetarian (but I eat fish, eggs, and dairy). So, technically pescatarian. I have been struggling for awhile with eating too much sugar and dairy instead of focusing on nutritious vegetables and fruit. Since becoming pescatarian, I have been eating much more veggies, but I'm still trying to fix my unhealthy breakfast of a bagel and coffee with lots of sugar. Also my night time snacks have been carbs/cereal/bread, unhealthy fats, and sugary sweets. (That unfortunate SAD). I would like to go 30 days without sugar, white/wheat flour, and dairy in order to improve my meal choices. This is not a whole30 because I plan to eat some rice, soy, and beans (which don't affect me negatively). Beans are currently my main source of protein, but I would like to adjust my breakfasts to include eggs, and add in a couple more dinners with fish.
  4. Amy_Michigan

    Preparing for the fall - August Whole30

    M3. Zucchini Spaghetti. (But really I quarter the pieces of zucchini but whatev)
  5. Amy_Michigan

    Preparing for the fall - August Whole30

    From M2
  6. Amy_Michigan

    Whole30 in Germany

    Great job resisting the sweets! I'm so jealous of you swimming at the beach! I would have to travel 3.5 hours to get to a nice beach
  7. Amy_Michigan

    Preparing for the fall - August Whole30

    DAY 1 Okay, I am here. That is something. I am so tired and so hungry so I'm probably going to end up eating 4 meals today. M1: Apple & Almond Butter M2: Green Beans, Sweet potato, and Tuna patty (eggs, tuna, almond flour). The sweet potato and green beans were frozen and cooked up in the skillet in coconut oil. M3 is supposed to be zucchini spaghetti with ground beef in the sauce but I don't think I will make it until dinner time. Will probably need to eat some carrots/cucumber or a green smoothie with avocado/banana/spinach/carrot juice. --- I haven't traveled anywhere since December and I got an invite to a graduation party and I'm itching to go even though a lot of people would frown on any sort of travel or gathering due to coronavirus. My husband gave me the OK that I could go by myself, take lots of masks, hand sanitizer and everything, and during the party (which is outside) I could social distance and wear my mask the whole time. And then before driving back I would tent camp... the only time I would be indoors is at a restroom going there and back... Why do I feel so guilty like I'm breaking a rule? I am starting to talk myself out of going even though I RSVP'ed. Ugghhhhh I think I need to go eat my mini meal now. The grad party is tomorrow so I'll decide later tonight.
  8. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    Its midnight- the start of my August whole30! Ahhhh!!!!! Today was weird. I got my second occular migraine of my life. My vision had weird wavy/zigzag lines in the shape of a teardrop. It went away in about a half hour. I think they are usually caused by food, according to Google. But I have no idea what caused it. I had just eaten a pancake with butter and maple syrup. lol...not too many nitrates in bisquick I don't think. *Shrug*
  9. Amy_Michigan

    Whole30 in Germany

    Good luck to you! I also have itchy-issues. I dont know of it's appears as red inflamed small areas my fingers and toes when I eat certain foods..I haven't been able to pin it down either. Only happens 1-2× per month. Anyway, sounds like you're on the right path! Hope the next week goes well for you!
  10. Amy_Michigan

    Preparing for the fall - August Whole30

    M3: Chicken salad And omg I am soooooo hungry an hour later. I definitely will have to add sweet potatoes to my grocery list and have one with dinner any time my dinner is not very substantial. --- Today I watched the documentary called "What The Health" on Netflix. I've watched a lot of documentaries and read a lot of articles that are pro-paleo. I have been paleo off and on since 2014 when I completed my first whole30. But I have not been able to stick with it and then and my weight goes up and down. I'm thinking that after I get rid of all the junk during August for my whole30, I might transition try a plant-based whole foods diet (either vegetarian or vegan). The reasoning is because I have a few minor health issues that haven't gone away with paleo eating and I am wondering about trying the elimination of animal products (but keeping all the wonderful fruits and veggies of course). So that is the plan for Sept 1 after I complete my August Whole30. If it doesn't improve my health I may be back here again in October!
  11. Amy_Michigan

    Preparing for the fall - August Whole30

    Pre-whole30 log for today (not going to be compliant, but I'm getting used to tracking): M1: 2 eggs cooked in butter (need to switch over to ghee Aug 1st!) M2: Apple with natural peanut butter (will switch to unsweetened almond butter soon!) Snack: Baby carrots with primal kitchen ranch (I think I will switch to oil and balsamic vinegar, Vanilla yogurt with frozen blueberries (going to miss yogurt!) I'm getting pumped for Aug 1st! I think my plan for tonight is a chicken salad..or tuna patties made with almond flour. Not sure yet!
  12. Amy_Michigan

    Take Advantage

    I am also into bike riding and I do yoga with my kids sometimes. I bought a new bike seat cushion as well, but I've had it over a month without installing it! Don't be like me. Hope you had a relaxing evening. You seem like you are doing a great job with food choices! Good luck with dinner!
  13. Amy_Michigan

    Preparing for the fall - August Whole30

    I did really well today in preparation for Aug 1st. You have no idea how much junk food I have been eating most days...soooo bad. I haven't officially started the whole30, but I'm trying to get used to eating more fruits and veggies and less bread and bagels. M1: Cereal...hopefully for the last time for 32+ days. M2: Green Smoothie Snacks: Apple, Crackers with wheat...hopefully for the last time for 32+days M3: Chicken Salad M4: Another Chicken salad with a hardboiled egg
  14. I am going to be starting a whole30 again. Soon! August 1st! Wahooo... The last few months have been WEIRD. Very weird. I started a new engineering job only 2 days before our office closed due to the coronavirus. I tried learning the ropes remotely (with my kids and husband at home all day) and I hated it and was getting pretty depressed about it so I quit. Thankfully, my husband saved me and "plan B" went into action... We switched roles and he is working full time and I'm the one home with the kids all day starting this fall when he starts teaching. Our public school district announced they are starting 100% virtual this fall. So I'll be "homeschool mom" for a change.. my husband was the stay-at-home dad for the last 7 years and now my son is going into kindergarten and my daughter's going into 3rd. We had been planning to try both working full time before the pandemic to save more money, but plans changed. Oh well! I am working as a cleaner part time after the kids go to bed for some extra hours and in an environment where I don't have to be around other people since its after closing time of the office building. I've been getting more exercise with the cleaning and that's really good- makes me feel happier.
  15. Amy_Michigan

    Like an Onion

    Good luck with your next whole30 round!