Weight gain after whole 30


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I started the whole30 in January and completed it in a February.  I did the whole 30 because I have a lot of digestion/gastrointestinal issues and wanted to see if I could identify any problem foods.

Since the Whole 30, I have eaten healthier than I ever did before but I am not sticking to Whole 30 rules. I try to live by “everything in moderation”.

Anyway, I am in my late 20s and was consistently the same weight pre whole 30.  Since getting off whole 30, I have gained about 15 lbs with the same activity level and a better diet than I ate previously. My question is whether Whole 30 changes something in your body that causes an increased sensitivity to processed/unhealthy foods?  I’m glad I completed the whole 30 and would like to do it again at some point, but it’s frustrating that something has changed. I’d love any feedback to try to identify if this or something else is the issue.  Thanks!

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I'm having the same problem! I haven't yet reintroduced anything (I'm not confident that I'm quite there yet) but technically my whole30 is over (7 days post). Since it ended, I noticed my belly fat and some fat on my arms coming back even though I've increased my activity level, but have stuck to the meal template. It's very frustrating! 

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