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Digestive issues around day 8-10

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Hello everyone!

This is my first time doing Whole30, mainly to see if anything was causing or potentiating my acid reflux. I am in my 20s, workout regularly, and eat overall very healthy. Prior to starting this program I ate fairly clean and tried to get my appropriate amounts of veggies/fruits/proteins each day (obviously not perfectly, but intentionally). The week before officially starting Whole30 I cut out MOST of the "do-not-eats" in order to try some recipes (because I love to eat so I needed to make sure I would survive on these haha) and to ease my way in. So technically I am day 9, but Ive been eating EXTRA clean for a few days prior to that. 

All of that to say that I have never had digestive issues (cramping, bloating etc) with food before this program. At least not routinely in the AM (which has happened the past two days) or throughout my days after meals (which only happened today). I was reading on some posts about how sometimes raw veggies can cause stomach upset. It is just hard for me to picture that being the case here since for many of my lunches before starting or even thinking about Whole30 I would bring raw kale salads as part of my meal, or have raw peppers and carrots to snack on. I am hoping these symptoms go away, or that maybe it is just a little stomach bug, but I am honestly super bummed!


I cant totally remember my meals over the past couple of days but here is an example meal from today.

Breakfast: Egg scramble with 2 eggs, mushrooms + spinach (cooked), a little pork sausage, and avocado to top it with a side of grapes

AM snack: cold brew coffee with whole30 approved almond milk, a banana, and spices blended together

Lunch: Kale + spinach salad with grilled chicken on top and a whole30 tahini dressing (coconut aminos, apple cider vinegar, and tahini) with a pear as a side

Dinner: Mediterranean marinated chicken thighs  with balsamic glazed rainbow carrots and mushrooms  

After dinner: ginger/tumeric tea

*For oils I used avocado oil


I did make a pretty fat heavy breakfast meal a few days ago (someone showed me a whole30 pork sausage gravy post for when youre so sick of eggs)...yeah probably not my best move. So maybe that isnt helping my cause, but overall this represents how my meals have pretty much looked. 

ANYWAYS, sorry for the long post, but any insight would be awesome! I am just super uncomfortable with these stomach cramps and they seem to be worse today after that salad, and now I just want them to stop. 




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