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Hot flashes

Nana Hunton

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HI, I'm day 8 of my Whole30. I am still not sleeping great. I've been having small hot flashes that come and go, is this maybe a detox symptom. I am not menopausal and haven't had hot flashes yet at all. I am 50, so maybe starting this, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Is there a time frame where you start sleeping and resting better?


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Everyone is different. In general most sleep better on Whole30, I certainly do, however there are factors that help. Don't go too low carb, in particular eating some carb-rich veggies at your last meal of the day can help with sleep. One obvious benefit is that you're not drinking alcohol which is one of the worst things for hot flashes.

If you are beginning periomenopause/menopause, you'll likely continue to have hot flashes. Try keeping your room cool and very dark. 

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