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Mel's Whole30 Log


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I'm starting my Whole30 today. I did not get off to a good start because I ate a leftover breakfast burrito and drank Coke Zero, but I will do better tomorrow!

Lunch was a salad of mixed kale and baby spinach, with grilled chicken, cucumbers, diced hard boiled egg, one avocado, craisins, and cashews. Delicious and I'm stuffed.

My son and I cooked up two pounds of ground lamb/beef yesterday, a grass-fed beef steak to use for stir-fry and in salads, and 2 pounds of chicken breasts. I also partially steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and I have butternut squash and jicama available. I also scrambled a dozen eggs and cooked some chicken sausage to have for breakfast. I have the "Well Fed" cookbook and there are some great recipes in there. I keep kosher and do not eat pork or shellfish. Since this is a no dairy diet, it will make keeping kosher easy (I can't eat meat and dairy together).

I'm a recovering alcoholic who has been slipping lately, so this diet will be a good motivation for me to recommit to 30 days of sobriety as well. I developed a massive sugar addiction when I quit drinking 19 months ago.

I have a terrible gut, and am pretty sure that soy and gluten are big triggers for me, and possibly dairy as well. So I'm really hoping this diet will help.

I did a weigh-in this morning at 135 and will stay away from the scale for the next 30 days. I would like to lose 10 pounds and some inches of muffin top. ETA - my waist is at 34" and my hips at 37".

Mel =)

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I am not counting 1/7 as day 1 since I cheated. But I did a successful day 1 yesterday.

Day 1 (1/8/2013)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, and home-made salsa

Lunch: grilled chicken breast, broccoli, black olives, and an apple

Dinner: steak and Portobello mushrooms with a Marsala glaze

Dessert: smoothie with coconut milk and strawberries

Beverages: three cups of Earl Grey tea, many glasses of water with lemon

Digestion: much better, regular bowels 1x

I am not a real fruit person, so the smoothie was perfect.

On to day 2.

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I also wanted to report on my pseudo-day1:

Day 0.5 (1/7/2013)

Breakfast: burrito with eggs, hash browns, cheese, green chili

Lunch: salad with mixed kale and spinach, grilled chicken, hard boiled egg, avocado, cashews, craisins

Dinner: taco salad with mixed greens, ground beef, tomatoes, olives, and home-made mayo

Beverages: 3 Coke Zeros, 3 beers, water

Sleep: crappy, woke every 2 hours

Headaches: constant

Digestion: diarrhea after lunch, very gassy after dinner

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You CAN do it! Going through life feeling crummy is a drag. The next 30 days could be a huge turning point for you in your health and get you back on track with your recovery. I come from a long line of alcoholics and I know I needed this 30 reset to really, honestly, evaluate how I feel when I consume alcohol. I know it will make me feel cranky and bloated but it's so hard to resist. I read a quote once that really summed up how I feel about alcohol-totally paraphrasing here-moderation is hard, abstinance is easy. I suck at "moderate" drinking. One leads to two... leads to three.... leads to cranky Krista. It's the same with sugar, there was a bowl of candy a few feet away from my desk for the last decade I knew if I had just ONE piece it would lead to a pile of wrappers in the garbage, a raging headache, a stomachache and a really irritable me.

Good luck with this and keep logging your meals, the accountability will help.


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Thanks, Krista. I've quit and then attempted to moderate before, and I know that it is a dismal failure. I too come from a long line of alcoholics and have been drinking my whole adult life. I truly almost died from alcohol when I quit last summer. I have been toying with moderating the past few months, and I DO NOT like how I feel when drinking. And you are right - moderation is way too hard. I appreciate the encouragement!

Day 2 (1/9/2013)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, chicken sausage, salsa

Lunch: mixed kale and spinach with grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, one avocado, cashews

Dinner: ground beef, broccoli, and marinara over spaghetti squash (VERY yum)

Beverages: two cups of coffee with coconut milk, lots of water with lemon, some sparkling water, and one cup of hibiscus tea

Sleep: still having a hard time falling asleep and waking every 2-3 hours

Headaches: better today but still present

Energy level: low

Digestion: good since lunch yesterday, normal bowels this AM

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Day 3 (1/10/2013)

Breakfast: beef jerky and olives

Lunch: leftover spaghetti squash with ground beef, broccoli, and marinara

Dinner: grilled chicken breast with homemade mayo, cauliflower, and an avocado

Beverages: iced tea, water, sparkly water, two cups of coffee

Sleep: a little better last night, but still very fatigued

Digestion: normal bowels

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Day 4 (1/11/2013)

B: scrambled eggs with chicken sausage and salsa

L: beef kebab with roasted tomatoes and green chiles, and cucumber tomato salad with olive oil and lemon juice

D: I was at a potluck and ate some veg and fruit, then later had a salad with avocado and hard boiled egg

Day 5 (1/12/2013)

B: eggs scrambed with tomatoes, olives, and avocado

L: 2 hard boiled eggs (I wasn't very hungry)

D: barbecue beef (no sauce), cole slaw, fruit, and veg

Day 6 (1/13/2013)

B: strawberry, blueberry, and coconut milk smoothie

L: green salad with curried tuna salad (Costco albacore, celery, walnuts, raisins, homemade mayo, curry) and hard boiled egg

D: tilapia pan fried in ghee, artichokes

Day 7 (1/14/2013)

B: scrambled eggs with turkey sausage, tomatoes, avocado

L: green salad with curried tuna salad (Costco albacore, celery, walnuts, raisins, homemade mayo, curry) and hard boiled egg

D: green salad with portobello mushrooms, steak, and tomatoes

Day 8 (1/15/2013)

B: scrambled eggs with turkey sausage and tomatoes

L: green salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, olives, avocado, sliced almonds, homemade vinaigrette

D: two hard boiled eggs, strawberries and blueberries with coconut milk (I'm sick and had no appetite)

Beverages: iced tea, coffee with coconut milk, sparkling water, regular water, and decaf hibiscus tea at bedtime

Sleep: improving, but still feeling very run down

Digestion: overall much better, still having some diarrhea I think related to raisins so will try eliminating those; much less gas and bloating in my stomach

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Day 9 (1/16/2013)

B: scrambled eggs with chicken sausage and salsa

L: salad with grilled chicken, tomatoes, jicama, avocado, and cashews; homemade vinaigrette

D: again not very hungry, but made salad with hard boiled eggs, jicama, and black olives

I had to run to the bathroom with diarrhea almost immediately after lunch.

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I've been terrible at keeping up with this log on the weekends! I'm so busy with the kids home that I'm usually wiped by the time they go to bed, and I'm not interested in the computer. I felt pretty crummy all weekend and didn't eat great, my appetite was poor and it is difficult to make myself eat. So I will pick up from yesterday.

Day 15 (1/22/2013)

B: scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, salsa

L: mixed greens with chicken, avocado, jicama, tomatoes, cashews, hard boiled egg, dried cherries, oil and vinegar (bad tummy all afternoon - dried cherries maybe??)

D: BAD DAY - two pieces of pizza

Day 16 (1/23/2013)

B: sweet potato and egg muffins, chicken apple sausage

L: same salad as yesterday minus the cherries - no tummy problems

D: grilled chicken breast with mayo, cauliflower, olives

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Let me see if I can reconstruct my weekend.

Day 19 (1/26/2013)

B: scrambled eggs with green chile, butternut squash with ghee and cinnamon

L: a lot of fruit, some beef jerky

D: can't remember

Day 20 (1/27/2013)

B: scrambled eggs with broccoli and salsa

L: tuna salad on lettuce

D: I was NOT HUNGRY last night. I ate some beef jerky, some olives, and some bananas fried in ghee

Day 21 (1/28/2013)

B: two hard boiled eggs, butternut squash with ghee and cinnamon, clementine

L: tuna salad on lettuce, avocado

D: again not hungry - had some beef jerky and two clementines

I threw up last night, I think it was from the Chantix I'm taking to quit smoking.

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