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Hi, I’m new, on Day 14 of my first Whole30. Today I was thinking about how it’s challenging to eat so differently, and then it hit me....

”Everything new is hard at first!”

An older, wiser woman said this to me at first real job. I feel the frustration with the Whole30 sometimes, and read about others who just want to give up. But it’s because it is difficult, any big change is going to be hard, ESPECIALLY at first. 

My husband is doing this with me and we keep looking at each other and saying, “I have so much energy.” 

I realized today that all the stress, all the learning, is WORTH it. Just want to share that and say don’t give up.

P.S. Also, find some yummy “treats” to have like maybe shelled pistachios, macadamia nuts, a little dried fruit. Our local health food store has bulk bins with many compliant items. We also love GT’s Gingerberry kombucha. Treat yourself well!!


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