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Day 24 ... And Loving It!

Michael Basanta

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Good to Meet You All,


My wife, Sara, and I are Day 24. We love the program and have ceased to look at it in those terms. We have even included are own personalized work-out programs during the Whole30 and have noticed some encouraging results. We are reaching out here per the suggestion in Chapter 20: Strategies For Long-Term Success. Excited and nervous to “Science-y Style” our Reintroduction.




Michael & Sara

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Michael and Sara,

I did my first Whole30 with my husband (then boyfriend!) and it was such a gift to share eating whole nourishing food together. Seven years later, it is one of our closest bonds. What a gift you have in each other. :)   I am so happy for you to hear how much you are embracing W30 and making it your own by adding activity that works for both of you.

You didn't ask any questions (sounds like you two are good planners), so I will just wish you well as you head toward your reintroduction.. If you have questions or more awesome, inspiring thoughts or insights, come back and share!


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