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Just sharing from a Note I texted my daughter on Day 25 :)

Elle, this Whole 30 is magical!   I never dreamed it would be so powerful!  
Basically after about Day 10, it turned into an absolute pleasure!

Well - almost! You still have to remind yourself to stick to the rules, but your cravings are banished, for the most part.
And my meals are pretty much delicious & I look forward to them! 

___ I'm enjoying healthy BACON, sugar-free fig jam, sweet potato, mashed potatoes with ghee & delicious chicken salads, Chili w/avocado, roasts , green beans w/    almonds, tomato’s, cucumbers in vinegar, squash, spring onion, melon wrapped in prosciutto/ wonderful fruits, grapes & try to have a delicious Smoothie with     collagen daily. Also LOVE orange squeezed into my water! Sip on it all day! Much better than lemon water, to me.

___ A cream call Nut Pod cream has been a wonderful discovery! I put  the vanilla in my morning sweet potato to make it fluffy &  a dollop of caramel in my  espresso coffee sometimes. It’s on the shelf where canned milk is.
I thought W30 would be sheer drudgery the whole time! But it’s been more of a delight!
Of course, being on quarantine has lessened temptation quite a bit 

On about Day 10 :) a Sense of well-being kicked in & I entered a Zone of uplifted spirits &
a sense of peace  // & peace about doing W30 & feeling better 
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*I start testing on APRIL 15!  Just 3 more days left, after today!  Can hardly  believe I've done W30!!
Hoping for good success in testing, and then basically to continue W30, allowing rice if it's neutral & planned goodies on the weekend. I don't want to lose this ZONE of well-being!
I'm learning - Food is powerful!
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