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off the SAD since 3-30-2018

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I am always interested in the various methods of lifestyle (re: diet, and the rest of it) changes from the standard American diet (SAD). Like the title says, I have been off the SAD since March 30, 2018. I remember clearly what happened; I was reading Gary Taubes' 2010 book Why We Get Fat And What to Do About It, and before I finished it, I cut carbs, sugar, stopped eating bread, and the rest is history.

I like spreading the word, and I believe every plan has it's benefits. I like to know more rather than get trenched in with a specific set of rules. Learning more, taking the best, and not throwing the baby out with the bathwater is my motto.

My favorite books:

Why We Get Fat (2010), Good Calories, Bad Calories (2004), The Case Against Sugar (2016), The Big Fat Surprise (2014), DANDR (2002), The New Atkins for a New You (2010), The Complete Guide to Fasting (2016), The Salt Fix (2017), The Alzheimer's Antidote (2017), The Obesity Code (2015), The Diabetes Code (2018), The End of Alzheimer's (2017), Grain Brain (2013), Brain Maker (2015), Healthy Gut, Healthy You (2018), A Low Carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet Manual (2013), The Longevity Diet (2016), The Circadian Code (2018), Cure Tooth Decay (2007), The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis (2017), Wheat Belly (2011), The Magnesium Miracle (2nd edition 2017), Why We Sleep (2017), The Ketogenic Diet: A Scientifically Proven Approach to Fast, Healthy Weight Loss (2015), Pure, White and Deadly (1972), Tripping Over the Truth (2014), The Emperor of All Maladies (2010), Superfuel (2018), The Good Gut (2015), Grain Brain (2018 edition), Eat Rich, Live Long (2018)


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