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Started Oct. 1 - My first Whole30


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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok, I'm back. Tomorrow is the last day. My wife said, "Oh good, now you go back to eating normal foods." Sad and funny at the same time.

Food-wise, I was strict. I wanted banana pancakes, but didn't cave in. I ate a lot of curries (my favorite meal!). In fact, that's what I had tonight as my wife and kids ate pasta and sauce.

No energy drinks for an entire month. That in itself was amazing. Days 8-13 were pure torture. I could not stay awake... and I'm experiencing that again at the end of the month. I drank some coffee, mostly black. 

I cheated, though. I weighed myself halfway through. It was good, though. It gave me encouragement when I needed it.

My relationship with food has completely changed. My church had pizza last night for movie night. I brought bananas, dates and apples. Don't even want pizza. Not tempting at all. No more heartburn, stomach cramps, indigestion, lethargy.

Dates saved me (the fruit!)  I love them, but I take it easy. But they kept me away from regular sweets (which I don't want anymore).

We got Chinese food one night. I'll cook my own from now on. Sugar in EVERYTHING. I could taste it. I was grossed out.

Hate going out to eat now. Such a pain to find something compatible.

I'm supposed to add foods back in, but the only thing that interests me is rice. Dairy has been fully kicked to the curb. Vegan butter is amazing, and honestly, I can't tell the difference. Wheat, gluten, and most grains (except MAYBE rice... and that's in limited quantities) aren't coming back either.

Regular sugar? No. Dates and possibly date syrup? Yes. Honey, maple syrup? Probably not. Those are gateway sugars, haha. Eating dates doesn't make me want to plunge my face into a hot fudge sundae... they are satisfying on their own.

Legumes? MAYBE peanut butter... but almond butter and sunflower butter are just as good.

So, basically continuing Whole30 except making banana pancakes, some "compliant" desserts, maybe some protein powder.

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