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Start date 1/2 Whole 30 first-timer


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Hey fellow Whole 30ers,

This is my first time trying this. Done it all before, Weight watchers, yo yo dieting, fasting; nothing worked. Excited to give this a try as it seems sustainable long term. Going pretty well, I premade all my meals for the next few days, next cooking day is Wednesday. Looking it so far minus the headache. I got the book, audio book, text messages and the day by day journal, all awesome support tools. And I'm doing it with a buddy.

- hopeful first-timer

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I started on the second too (New Years day is a big holiday in my family, and I didn't want to deprive myself of any part of it). I've done maybe a half-dozen or so complete Whole30s, and even more that were abandoned, usually around the two-week point.  The first one I did changed my life, no exaggeration, and I'm SO grateful for it. I tell everyone I know who is unhappy with their weight or their health about Whole30, but have yet to see even one person try. It's not for everyone I guess, or maybe it's just not their time yet. 

As a terrible sugar addict, my cravings have been INTENSE these first few days, but they generally are when I do a round. I know it gets better. These always come in the late evenings, maybe 6-10 pm. Apparently those snacky feelings are actually evolutionarily adaptive at that time of day; knowing that makes it easier for me to deal with. It's normal, it's just hard. 

I don't even know you, but I'm so excited for you (and everyone else doing their first round) to reap the amazing benefits of this. It's so much more than you even think it can be. Even if not perfect food freedom, you see the cage clearly for the first time, and that's everything.

Anyway, good luck! :)

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