When Reinteoduction is “over”?

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My boyfriend and I have completed a Whole 30 and subsequently spent the last three weeks reintroducing one food group at a time on a 2 days on/2 days off schedule. Now that we’ve reintroduced everything individually, I’m a little hesitant and confused about what to do now. Mixing too many food groups scares me because I don’t want any negative side effects that I have to go back and figure out again. But do people just.. eat normally after reintro? Once you’ve learned what you need to and decided what to keep and what to give up, are we supposed to just go back to normal eating all at once? Or should I be taking a day or two to reintroduce dairy with grains/ legumes with rice/ sugar with dairy, etc…? Any suggestions or personal stories will help. Thanks!

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