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coconut cream with strawberries

Danielle Hamway

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super easy.

1 can of unsweetned coconut milk

6 or so strawberries

mint (optional)

you can either freeze the coconut milk for about 10 mins to get the cream to rise or just give the can a little shake. If it feels solid the cream is at the top. Don't shake too hard. Scoop off the cream and add it to a mixer and whip away! When you see it starting to resemble whipped cream you are done!

With a immersion blender (or just chop the dickens out of them) macerate the berries. Gently fold into the coconut cream. Julienne the mint and presto you are done!

I put this on top of grilled peaches and it was amazing! I also froze half of it to see how that goes.

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