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Restarting vegetarian


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I was semi-veggie most of my adult life. I would eat meat sparingly and really didn’t like it. When I had a thyroidectomy, my suppression therapy kicked off a muscle wasting disease and I started craving meat all the time so I was eating more and more of it. After finally being diagnosed with the muscle wasting disease and two years of recovery I’m back to not liking meat again (yay!). I’ve been doing Whole30 since June 2019 so I am so happy to see this vegetable-based version.

I would really like to discover a healthy way to eat vegetarian. Prior to cancer my veggie diet was very bean and grain heavy. I never liked tofu so I used beans and rice or quinoa as my protein source. I’m really hoping to find good recipes that allow me to maintain the health I’ve gained from eating Whole 30 and exclude the foods I know aren’t good for me from previous reintroductions.

My husband has no interest in vegetarianism or Whole30. He did my first round with me but didn’t like eating so many vegetables. I will probably still cook “normal” meals for him, but I’d like to explore veggie alternatives for myself. Since I was never a committed vegetarian before I don’t really know how to make much that would be compliant and because of my health issues I don’t have much energy so I’m looking for quick/easy recipes and hacks to sub veggie protein for my half of dinners.

I’m really happy to see Whole30 resources for plant-based diets. Being veggie and still Whole30 would be amazing.

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