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Carrie in Portland

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Hi, all- 

I did the Whole30 about a year and a half ago, and while it felt good, I didn't pay attention to the re- intro phase (planning/timing was poor), so didn't benefit like I might've, and returned pretty quickly to my standard diet. A few months later, I got Covid, and have had Long Covid now for just over a year, with a variety of symptoms- the most debilitating being daily headaches and accompanying brain fog/ cognitive impairments. I've had all kinds of medical tests/ therapies/meds, and while some things have improved, I'm still nowhere near my previous level of function. I figure since they think Post-Covid syndrome is likely related to inflammation, the whole 30 might be exactly what I need. It's tricky, because I have 5 kids at home, with a variety of allergies and one with ARFID, but I figure if this helps my recovery it'll benefit the whole family.  On day 2! 

Glad to have this resource for the journey- looking forward to getting to know some of y'all.


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