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I have reached the "Summit"...


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So today is Day 15 for me, I have been feeling pretty good as of late. however last night I did not sleep well, I woke up around 3am in the morning, I was awake for a few minutes and promptly fell back asleep, but it was not a restful sleep.

I have been eating on plan and been working out 4 times a week with kettlebells. For the most part this is the first night that was not the best sleep for me (I am really grateful for that). Today is a rest day for me, focusing on work and school.

Anyhow....I feel great, the energy is definitely there and I definitely feel more 'alive' and not sluggish or tired all of the time. I have intentions of going another 30 days like this just because I LOVE how I feel.

Hope you are all doing great and wishing everyone the best!


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