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  1. Kirsteen

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    Miracle noodles have no carbs and no calories because our body doesn't recognise them as food and cannot use them. If I said to you put this gas in your car but by the way the car won't recognise it and the engine can't use it - you'd think I was mad. Yet somehow humans now think it's acceptable to eat *food* that our bodies can't use. Sorry but this is one of my pet peeves W30 is about eating real wholesome nutritious food that will nourish our bodies not 'stuff' that will provide us with absolutely nothing so please, please no miracle noodles
  2. I've had all the lymph nodes in my left arm removed and was getting mild lymphoedema. the hospital fitted me with a really tight sleeve to wear. My daughter goes "Oh mum, it's making your hand swell up, it looks a lot fatter". I swear my first thought was "Yeah - that's the hand i use to measure my protein and fat"
  3. Kirsteen

    Spending way too much $$ on groceries!

    I have a very small fridge freezer provided by the landlord so I can't change it. I bought a table top freezer which, don't laugh, lives in my bedroom. In it, I keep meats that I've cooked and frozen in individual portions. The trouble is, its so crammed full that my new menu planning is open the freezer and whatever falls out first is the meal
  4. Kirsteen

    Eating too much fat?

    I'm really, really glad you're ditching the app. As Tom said our current society is fat phobic to an extent never seen before and also fatter than ever before. Look at the start of the obesity epidemic, it totally coincides with the start of low fat dieting. My grandparents generation used to fight over who got the fattiest bit of meat, who could get the fat that had dripped off it in cooking. None of them were overweight. We need the nourishment from good fats; it's sad that so many people still mistakenly avoid them.
  5. That's fantastic news. I'm soooo pleased for him. Getting rid of the anxiety attacks is *huge* Seriously you must be very proud of him and, as I said before, he's really, really lucky to have you as an uncle. So pat yourself on the back as these improvements are down to you. Well done
  6. Your say you love fast food - meaning the Mason Jar Salads sitting in your fridge (they're my new thing )
  7. Kirsteen

    Your favorite tea

    At Whole Foods, I found a small packet of Seasoned Pioneers Chai Spice Mix. It's great because i can brew up any tea i want and just add a pich of this for extra flavour.
  8. Kirsteen

    Your favorite tea

    You're right, you don't need to start over for one accidental sip but isn't it amazing how food manufacturers/providers seem to assume we need everything sweetened. It's one of my pet peeves. Well done on spotting it right away.
  9. Kirsteen

    Low blood pressure

    When you stand perfectly still with your knees locked, your heart has to do literally all the work of pumping the blood down into your legs and back up again. If you can remember to flex your calfs, wiggle your toes, fidget etc then those muscles are helping to pump the blood back up to your heart and this should help keep up the blood pressure.
  10. I don't think your nephew will ever realise just how lucky he is to have you as an uncle. Personally I think you're awesome
  11. Plantains are the first that spring to mind.
  12. Kirsteen

    Panera Bread Hidden Menu

    Not to mention the rice starch, modified food starch and artificial flavourings. Guess I can stop feeling jealous there's none over here Nitrates are actually OK. However I looked up sodium erythorbate and Livestrong has this to say about it "Sodium erythorbate has been found to cause general side effects such as headaches, body flushing, generalized fatigue and malaise, dizziness, lightheadedness and hemolysis, a condition where red blood cells rupture leading to anemia and other complications. Sodium erythorbate can cause nausea, vomiting, heartburn, gastritis, abdominal cramping and diarrhea. These symptoms can lead to significant dehydration if not managed appropriately and in a timely manner. Sodium erythorbate in high doses can lead to a buildup of acids in the bloodstream leading to the formation of kidney stones and the symptoms associated with them. These include flank pain, blood in the urine, and kidney and bladder infections." Do they really think we want to eat this stuff?
  13. Sorry, I should have realised. I'm sorry. It's not something I have any experience of directly but googling it brought up a whole plethora of articles, most of which seemed to recomend giving it up. One doctor did suggest having a cup of coffee, when you had time to simply sit and note your heart rate and monitor any sypmtoms you had to see if coffee was causing them or making them worse. Whatever you do, I do wish all your family the very best.
  14. Some people react badly to caffeine, others it doesn't seem to bother. The W30 program recomends conscientious consumption. The W30 coffee mainfesto is here and will give you all the info.
  15. I've got nothing constructive to add, I just wanted to say that I'm truly humbled reading all your posts and I wish each and every one of you all the success in the world. Look forward to hearing how you all get on. Take care and all the very best.