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  1. Kirsteen


    Many of us take medication that isn't necessarily prescribed by GPs. Personally, I say, if you actually need it - and you obviously do, then take it. However, if an anti allergy medication is working, I'd keep an absolute strict diary of what I ate and what I came into contacy with to see if I could find any correlation with my symptoms. Have you tried speaking to your GP to see if they can suggest any cause? good luck with it anyway
  2. Kirsteen

    Scotch eggs - with lamb

    My favourite spices with lamb are cinnamon, cumin and ginger
  3. Kirsteen

    Too off road for my own good

    Welcome back Anita. I love your methodical approach and how you've planned it all out. I truly believe reading the book is the best thing you could do (well other than actually doing what it says ) It was what made all the difference to me. Good luck, you know you can do this.
  4. Kirsteen

    Why is the second time so hard!?

    Hi, I have to agree with you, I found the second time a lot harder to get on board with. My first W30 (really a W60) i was focussed throughout. When I came to start the second one, I didn't feel nearly so enthusiastic - it wasn't new - it wasn't so much of an adventure - I mean i knew what to expect - after all I didn't eat so much differently anyway so what was the point? All these things were running round my head and I put off starting.then I realised I was just making excuses, procrastinating. What really helped was having a long hard look at what my goals were - what did I want to get out of this? I reread parts of the book, dug out all the daily emails I'd saved, cleared what little there was to clear out of my cupboards and just really, really comitted to a starting date. Good luck - you can do this!
  5. Kirsteen

    Needing to vent about my DR.

    If your blood pressure was through the ceiling, it's probably what they term "white coat syndrome". Seriously, put us in a stressful situation, like seeing a doctor, and getting things tested and our blood pressure automatically rises. When I had cancer I used to get hooked up to a machine that automatically took my blood pressure every half hour while I was having chemo. The nurse always said she discarded the first readings as they were always higher than normal for that person as they were stressed out. By the time you'd been relaxing in the chair for a couple of hours your readings were always a lot lower and more normal for you. I bet if you took your BP at home when you're relaxed, it would actually be a lot lower. Good luck finding a better doctor.
  6. I love your happy afterthought Seriously, I am sooo with you on the frustrations of supermarket or even health food shopping. On the plus side, the longer you do it, the easier it gets because you know everything to avoid. You learn which hot sauces, pickles etc are compliant and so I no longer waste time looking at the rest. Since i miss out so many aisles in the supermarket, I can be round it quicker than ever before. good luck
  7. Kirsteen

    educating myself first

    I read Mark sissons first and someone on his forum mentioned W30. I came to the website and read everything I could. I ordered the book and read it and that's what really clinched it for me. I really like the fact that you don't have to spend a thing (other than on food ) to do a W30. The meal templates, the shopping guides are all available for free and there's loads of people here who will answer questions. In saying that, I'm the type that always likes to know why. Don't tell me I should do something unless you explain why I should be doing it. For me, that's what the book did - it went (in a very readable way) into the whole science behind all the W30 rules and guidlines. It persuaded me to give it a try and, considering I was coming from a raw food, vegan background, that says quite a lot. I decided if I was going to try it, I'd need all the encouragement I could get so I also signed up for the daily emails. I reckoned they'd help keep me accountable and they did. The rest is history. i can't imagine not eating this way now I'd recommend the book and emails to everyone but, as I said, I love the fact that if you can't afford them that's no barrier to doing a W30. Loads of people have done it without, so good luck whatever you decide
  8. I still don't meal plan Several years ago, when I was a raw foodist, I attended a seminar and part of it was to find out *how*(not what) you liked to eat. I'd never done well with meal plans, I loved making them - I hated sticking to them. I discovered that my ideal is to be able to open my fridge freezer and just choose what looks appealing at the time. I adapted this quite easily to W30. I cook loads of protein at a time and freeze it in single portion sizes. I cook lots of veg and store it in the fridge and I wash and prep salad stuff and green baggie it in the fridge. I also keep lots of home made mayo, ghee and coconut oil etc. Come meal times I just choose my protein and add whatever veg, salad, fat etc I feel like. Sure, as the week goes on, i have less choice of veg but I've never found that a problem and I always manage to eat it all I also stress an awful lot less than when I used to feel I *had* to have my meals planned out. The secret is to find what works for you
  9. Kirsteen

    NCSA Article - Your Thoughts?

    The whole point of a W30 is that you cut out certain foods for 30 days then you introduce them back into your diet and you find out how these affect your body. I don't give a toss what my ancestors did or didn't eat, I care what affects me. I honestly don't know any better way than a W30 of finding that out.
  10. Kirsteen

    Reintro Panic!

    I think it's quite common to worry about how you'll react to reintroducing different foods but Amberino is right your body won't react any differently to how it did before, you may just be more aware of it. Relax and enjoy your W30. when the time comes do a proper reintro and you'll know your body better than ever before. No ones saying don't ever have an ice cream, cupcake, slice of pizza, whatever is your particular favourite. You'll know if it's going to be worth it or not. Long before I ever found W30, I had to give up gluten so I totally get mourning food, believe me. It's been over 13 years since i had any gluten, except accidentally, and normally I don't miss baked goods at all, yet last time I was in Whole Foods they had a rosemary foccacia with sundried tomatoes, olives and mozzarella - I actually drooled. Only the thought of spending 3 days in pain practically locked in the bathroom made me walk away On the other hand, I've always enjoyed chocolate and now, when I'm not on a W30, I may still have some but, if I do, it's going to be my absolute favourite, ridiculously expensive Booja Booja truffles not the mass produced crap which really does not taste the same. So relax, enjoy the ride and the reintro. good luck
  11. Hi Amberino, congrats on finishing your W30. You've got a solid W30 behind you and now you want to tweak it and fine tune it to suit you and your situation - that's great. I can't give any definitive answers, we're all individuals with individual schedules, work loads etc. I think your plan of increasing coconut oil sounds fine to me and I love your idea of experimenting for a week. Let us know how you get on with it. Good luck
  12. Kirsteen

    whole30 with anxiety

    Interesting article but, unfortunately, it states this without giving any references or sources so it's impossible to delve into it any further or even know why they make this statement.
  13. Kirsteen

    Mayo Smells Bad :(

    To be honest I've never had homemade mayo smell bad. I tried the Autoimmune protocol (no eggs) for a month and had forgotten there was some mayo left at the back of the fridge. When I finally discovered it no comments on how often i clean out my fridge please it had actually started to grow mold but the smell was still fine. Can't comment on the flavour, I'll eat a lot but I draw the line at anything mouldy
  14. Kirsteen

    Italian ciusine

    I have a lot of Italian friends with loads of family still in Italy and thay actually eat very little pasta. When they do have it, it's a very small portion before the main course which is usually meat, fish or chicken with lots of veg and salad. Even homemade pizza they regard as something to have occasionally.
  15. Kirsteen

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    Miracle noodles have no carbs and no calories because our body doesn't recognise them as food and cannot use them. If I said to you put this gas in your car but by the way the car won't recognise it and the engine can't use it - you'd think I was mad. Yet somehow humans now think it's acceptable to eat *food* that our bodies can't use. Sorry but this is one of my pet peeves W30 is about eating real wholesome nutritious food that will nourish our bodies not 'stuff' that will provide us with absolutely nothing so please, please no miracle noodles