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Trouble with Grass Fed Beef anyone?

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I am new to the forum and I searched for something like this but I did not find anything so here goes.... Has anyone experienced "issues" with eating high quality grass fed beef or pastured chicken/pork?

I have been at this diet game way too long and I sincerely hope Whole30 helps me crack the code so to speak. I am in Day 8 and doing fine so far by eating conventional meat. I have tried grass feed/pastured many times over the years and I usually have an unpleasant reaction after a couple hours. Usually a buzzing feeling, ringing in the ears, a general feeling of uneasiness and no ability to sleep that night - ugh. I have tried different sources, in country and out of country, etc. It doesn't happen every time but most of the time with no correlation to the source. I would love to get into grass feed but alas it is not for me for some reason. Anyone else out there have that experience or any insight? Thanks!


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