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If this sweets freak can do it, ANYONE can : )


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Yesterday was my final day of the Whole30 and I feel amazing! I have suffered from frequent migraine headaches and neck pain/tension for years. I have often suspected these problems were related to my frequent binges on sugar. A friend and fellow sweet tooth introduced me to this plan and I knew this was my best hope of kicking my sugar cravings to the curb. Today, on day 31, I think my husband expected me to celebrate with margaritas and chocolate cake, but I am not even tempted! I feel so good that I do not even want to go there yet! I know that I will stray from the approved foods at some point, but right now I LOVE what I am eating, Iove that I sleep like a baby at night, I have loads of energy, and I have not suffered headaches and neck tension in 3 weeks! My chiropractor had introduced lists of inflammatory and non-inflammatory foods, encouraging me to make changes in my diet. I get it now, I understand why! I just want to finish by saying that weight loss was not a priority because I am of average weight and body composition; I was going to be thrilled to lose 3 or 4 lbs. I lost 6 lbs and it feels awesome! I am 40 and at a weight that I have not been at since my 20's. It is so hard not to preach this way of life and the dramatic results I have seen first hand! When someone asks me about the Whole30 I can not stress to them enough how life altering this journey has been! My teenage daughters have also adopted new tastes and expressed how much they love the meals I cook now! This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!

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