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muscle weakness issues at day 30!


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I have posted about this several times. Early on my my whole30 I experienced slight muscle weakness. I was told that this would pass as my body adapted to burning fat. It did subside in a few days. I also began having some night leg calf cramps and a little trouble falling asleep so I got the Natural calm. That seemed to go smoothly though I never really realized the sleep effects. The leg cramps did diminish. In the last 2 days of my 30...I experienced real feelings of muscle weakness and some sort of hormonal symptoms almost like low blood sugar. This happened about 1 1/2 hours after lunch and dinner. It was recommended that I need to add sweet potatoes perhaps. Then someone said it sounded like a Magnesium overdose???? I was reading up on that and diarrhea is the first symptom. I never had any issues with that so I don't know. I have only been taking 2 teaspoons at night. I know they suggested spreading it out throughout the day....maybe that is the problem. I didn't take any last night and cramped again. I'm only reposting here because I'm still puzzled and accidentally posted in for Ladies only. My food template is good, I get plenty of salt, and water and I'm post menopausal??? I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this?

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