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Anita' W30 experience


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Most of this info I have posted in my log or other places scattered around the forum, but since I've officially completed my W30 and consider it a resounding success I figured I should post something here as well.

My husband and I ran a half marathon at the end of October. That seemed to be the jumping off point for going completely off the rails food-wise. Over the next 2 months nothing was off limits and with the holiday approaching we had little motivation to make any changes. I was watching the number on the scale increase and getting more disgusted with myself. I have been following the W9 blog for years and have read ISWF, attended a workshop...I know all the reasons to make more healthy choices - it just wasn't happening. So I decided to jump on board the the Jan 1 Whole 30. I was tickled when my husband decided to join me. It's always easier when we're both on board!

I was very fortunate that I experienced very few of the negative effects of the W30. I did get a nasty cold about half way through but I just kept going. Tom and I had a couple of massive food prep days that would keep us going for a week at a time. By far the most challenging thing for me was NOT stepping on the scale. When I weighed myself the morning of Jan1st I was so upset with myself that I could not bring myself to take measurements or photos (which I'm regretting now of course!). Every morning I would walk in to the bathroom and have a huge battle with myself over whether or not to step on the scale. Every morning I walked away! After that, the food was easy!!

So this morning, after 30 days of internal strife over the scale, I walked in to the bathroom and stepped on the scale....


...which tells you how far off track I was before I started.

From here, I plan to follow the plan designed for me last summer by the wonderful Amy Kubal and hope to continue with consistent, healthy improvements in my body composition. I will still check the scale but my goal is to try to do it once per week rather than daily. I also plan to take measurements today and recheck them monthly. And I'll be posting to my post W30 log - perhaps not daily, but somewhat regularly.


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