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Round Two- and some realizations


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I finished my first Whole 30 on the 31st . Wow, I just realized I am already 4 days into my second round...

I lost a few days because I took last weekend and gave myself a bit of a break from it. I had a little bit of cheese last Friday night with dinner and a glass of wine. Friday night was my celebratory dinner after completing the first Whole30. I made Chicken breast stuffed with Ricotta, sundried tomatoes, ( from my garden and dried myself) asparagus spears and a sprinkling of parmesan all covered in butter (not clarified but locally grown pastured nonetheless). It was mouthwatering..and it paired well with a nice glass of wine.

Saturday I was out an about and we ate out for lunch and I indulged again . I had a burger with all the fixins and regular ketchup/mayo . It was served with homemade fires... They were unbelievably good! I finished out my lunch with a Breve latte and a pumpkin bar. I actually only ate half of it and ate the other half Sunday. It wasn't overly big anyways but as you can see I really let loose for lunch on Saturday. I only felt guilty for a split second prior to tasting that oh so yummy pumpkin bar.

Yes, I allowed myself a few guilty pleasures but I honestly felt fine. I never got sick or suffered from any ill effects. Best ofall, I went right back on Monday and I haven't had any issues.

I think giving us ourselves that liberty , occasionally, being the key thing here, only helps to teach us better habits in the long run... everything in moderation.

I know for myself I will really have to be cautious. It's easy to start down that path of never never land, never to return that is..! However, I think W30 has certaintly helped me in that department . I no longer feel like I am actually missing anything on the W30..I feel nourished and healthy so when I do want something not so great, it's not the end of the world. That for me.. is HUGE!

For Round number 2, I have decided that ( although it's considered sort of noncompliant I think) I will be switching the conconut milk I had been using in my morning coffe, for the first whole30, and replacing it with Heavy Whipping Cream.(pastured ofcourse).

Prior to whole 30 I was slugging down loads of 1/2 and 1/2 in my 3-4 cups of coffee before 8:00 a.m. During my first Whole 30, I really missed that half and half , more than anything else, and it was really rough... (tears of despair one day as I recall !) but I realize I am better off without it.

So, heavy whipping cream it is. Crutch?? maybe.. but I don't think it's the end of the world as far as non compliancy . I did read an article that it was one of those that was considered ok. I don't use alot if and I have cut my coffee consumption down to only a cup and a half in the morning.

Looking forward to Day 60...and beyond.

Looking forward to hear any other lessons learned from round two'ers!

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I started my round 2 on Feb 8th. I had quite a bit of time off since my fist whole 30 this summer. What I learned is that I have a component of eating that is highly emotional. I have no idea why...I consider myself a very successful, well adjusted person, with a really great life that has been truely blessed. After I completed my first whole 30, I went on a bit of gluten binge because I had not had any for 5 years before without massive effects. After whole 30, I could eat it (not a lot, but a little) and I wanted to have a bite of everything great that I hadn't had in years. Bread was no what I wanted, just sweet desserty things. Prior to the first whole 30 I would have said that I am a sugar addict (could not go a day without chocolate), but after finishing, it completely changed my taste buds. I was feeling on top of the world and then slowly, through treating myself, I slipped right back down the path of bad eating--albeit a slightly altered path. So, what I learned was there is an emotional component. What I'm hoping to learn with this one is why and how to dump that, because I definitely don't need it in my life.

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