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Post Whole30- reaping major benefits.


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Well, I just had to post ....the most amazing thing happened today. A quick background.My hubby and I began eatingWhole9 the day after Thanksgiving and did our family Whole30 beginning Jan. 1st. Our main motivation was for our 30 yr. old mentally challenged son who ended up loosing 22 lbs during the 30 and is continuing to loose. I was very greatful for the whole event but really didn't expect that it had affected my sons cravings much. I haven't done a strick reintroduction because I really don't plan on going back to the way we ate before. It's been almost 2 weeks now and we just left for a weeks vacation in FL. I'm a little worried about staying Whole9 compliant especially when eating out.But at any rate, my son said he craved milk so we decided he could choose to have a glass of milk at the restaurant today and tho' we ordered his cheeseburger sans bread, and subbed a salad it still came with fries. Well he really enjoyed the milk but only ate 3 fries. I also ordered a baked potato more curious than anything. Well, he actually said the the fries didn't really taste that good....MUSIC TO MY EARS!!!! And after one tiny taste of my potato I had to agree that I won't need to eat that again. AND after dinner his stomach hurt so HE decided that he wouldn't need to have milk again for a while...OH! It's just so rewarding to feel that maybe I can relax on my "food police"duties! I have eaten out only 3 times and get a slight stomach ache each time. I can only guess that it's the butter and oils used in the cooking because I am staying compliant as much as possible when ordering. I guess I will have to be more proactive when ordering although at our local diner I did ask what they cooked in and said it was some "fake" butter spray so I chose butter rather than that. We know them well and it's a a regular hangout for us but maybe I will just take a little clarified butter next time. Tiny steps to change the world!!! Whoot!

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