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Day 15!! holla!!


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Seriously, its a miracle I have made it to day 15! guys really it is. I don't stick to anyting. I have been on lots of diets and battling my weight since after high school. I played lots of sports so never worried about what I ate. In college even though I played competitive volleyball I still had full access to the buffets. Anyhow, this is not about weight loss its about me getting my food choices under control... holla... anyway so excited about being here on day 15 I remember first starting and wishing i was the people who were half way done and now I am.

Results/thoughts/opinions for my half way point:

1) I feel less puffy

2) my sleep is okay but im def ready for bed way earlier but

I need to be way more disciplined about my sleep

3) I am more creative in the kitchen and food tastes really

good without ketchup, shoyu (soy sauce), and all the other cover ups

4) I have kind of navigated the social scene and put it out there right away

that I am on a "challenge" for 30 days that way nobody pesters me. everyone

has been supportive

5) I am hawaiian and my husband samoan so naturally to my family

and friends I am such a hippie... if thats what I have to be to be healthy thats fine

6) whole foods is ridiculously expensive avoid at all costs... trader joes/sprouts/costco

are my best friends

7) I don't know if I lost weight but like i said i feel "smaller" and less puffy

8) I have 15 more days so I want to add consistent exercise

9) cooking breakfast/dinner is really fun!!

okay thats my list so far. Not sure if the magic has happend but ive had a decade of bad habits

so I figure it will be awhile... happy 15 days to go:)

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