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Being sneeeeaky with the raisins


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I'm on day 7 and had found it pretty easy so far - which is not what I expected at all! - UNTIL yesterday when I was out for a few hours unprepared and came home STARVING. Usually when hungry like that the first thing I want is sugar.

'I'm not eating sugar' I told myself as I cooked a healthy meal 'but I might just have a small handful of these raisins now.....as I know I'm allowed them in recipes.....so surely I can just eat them'.

It was pretty much like 'here you go little sugar dragon, these will keep you happy.' But the sugar dragon wasn't happy...so I gave him 2 more handfuls....before stopping myself.

Today I find myself craving raisins....a lot....

So I'm coming on here to commit to myself and you lot that not another raisin shall pass these lips today! (else there is a risk I'll go on a raisin binge.....)

Leave me alone you sneaky dragon. No more food for you!

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I made it I made it! I won't lie...I am DYING to eat a kilo of raisins. Probably doesn't help that I inadvertently missed dinner. Have come home very late and far too tired to think about a meal.

But still........kristie - 1, Sugar Dragon - 0

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