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2nd Whole30 - March 1 Start


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Hello fellow Whole30 peeps! It is good to be back! This is my second Whole30, as I dd my first Whole30 last August. I was in the middle of training for my first triathlon at that time, so this time it is a bit different for me.

Now, I am working 50+ hours a week, while finishing school at 20+ hours a week. I don't have that much time, but have been craving that healthy feeling that I had in my last Whole30.

In the last 6 months, I have gained another 20 lbs, which makes me around 120 lbs overweight. I have hashimotos, hypothyroid, and seriously no time to work out (which I actually enjoy) until I finish this semester of school in 3 weeks. I also have 3 stepkids and a husband to cook for. We have had some family drama with their biological mom so the stress levels are high in our house.

My main reason for re-starting the Whole30 is that I would love to get pregnant! I know my cortisol levels must be sky-high right now so I hope the Whole30 will help me bring that down. This is the first day and I am doing ok now. I actually plan on this being the almost whole-forever. I want to do this long-term, not just for 30 days. I remember how good it felt. And, everything tasted really good. I haven't intentionally had gluten for over 2 years so no missing that.

Oh well, sorry for rambling. Sending you all much love! Hang in there everyone, it is so worth it.

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