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Got more done in 1 month....


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Than I ever have accomplished dieting in my whole life!

I've never been hugely overweight, I think the most has been 20lbs when I lost someone close to me, but I started WW when I was 15 to try slim down and look like all my friend. While it worked, once I stopped going to meetings, I gained it all back.

Enter 20 yr old self, losing weight on south beach and feeling great, looking great! Gets married, gains it all back 😕 that darn 20lbs has seemed to just follow me wherever I go!

Then at 22 I am diagnosed with epilepsy and dealing with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue for 6 years which lands me at my discovery of Paleo and subsequently Whole30.

I am on day 29, and for at least 15 days I haven't had symptoms of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue!! Things I've always dealt with on a daily basis! I sleep like a champ and I feel wonderful all. Of. The. Time! I honestly feel like its a miracle, but am so grateful to know its something I can control myself ;)

I have lost 7lbs and over 12"! I am almost into the jeans I was wearing before I got married!! I feel so good about myself and the way that I feel ☺ I find myself telling everyone I can about whole30 when they ask me how I've been doing. I then go into a song and dance about how my health is manageable by diet and I LOVE it when that intrigues them! It opens the floodgates of information.

I look forward to my month "off" and plan to do a second whole30 in April. I'm curious to see what my psychological reaction to off plan foods will be.

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