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Whole30 + International Travel


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Hi all,

Just curious if any of you have attempted a Whole30 while traveling abroad, and if so, what your experience was like.

I'm trying to collect a number of stories and perspectives about doing the Whole30 while traveling abroad, so if you've done this, or know of someone who has, let me know!


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Hi Paul,

My husband travels around the globe quite often. And we are currently living in Moscow. Neither of us have had a hard time eating paleo/whole30 while abroad. Here are a few things I've learned/practice.

1. Bring your won food for the plane. Most likely (in business and coach) there will be some whole 30 compliant food. Fruit plate, small salad that comes with the main course on international flights, veggies, and usually a main course of protein. The problem is you do not know what the protein/sauce is cooked in. My guess is that it usually contains sugar/gluten. Bring your own protein and pick and choose the food they provide.

2. Just like most countries have some version of ravioli, pierogi, etc.; most countries also have a version of shish kabob (in Russia and the Caucases it is called shash-lik). Find out where you are going and what kebabs are called. Plain protein (possibly some vegetable oil) grilled on an open fire.

3. If possible research the restaurants you are going to ahead of time or learn what popular street foods are.

4. Always hit up a grocery store and stock up when you land.

5. If you have celiac (we don't) find some way to print out a note in a foreign language that you can show to your waiter and/or chef.

6. Do the best you can and unless you have a serious medical condition do not make yourself neurotic. If you consume more fruit or nuts than normal because it is the only thing you can find then cut yourself some slack.

7. Try out as many new produce, veggies, meats as you can.



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Cool, thanks for the response Tricia. and the helpful tips.

I'll be publishing a post in the future about my experience doing a Whole30 upon first moving to Turkey. You've given me some new perspectives to consider, and echoed some of my same sentiments.

How is living in Moscow? I'm considering visiting for a week in mid-June. Would you recommend Moscow or elsewhere in Russia?

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I do recommend Moscow. But I am sure most people would recommend St. Petersburg. I have not been to St. Petersburg myself yet. The summer's here are wonderful. No humidity! I saw on your site that you went to school at Hope College. My husband's cousins all went to Hope or Calvin. I spent high school and college in West Michigan.

There are so many Orthodox cathedrals here and the public parks (Gorky and Sokolniki) alone are worth visiting for. If you do decide to visit and have any questions should me an email at [email protected]. My husband has a PhD in Russian history and knows the city well. He loves to give tours. He is also fluent which helps.

I love Turkey and hope we end up there next.



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