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Starting Whole30 March 11...Rocket Sauce!

Nathan R

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The impulse to make a change to my diet started with an NPR article today and a dinner party 2 nights ago. The article was about gluten avoidance and a friend at the dinner party is gluten intolerant. That started a small flame in the back of my mind, then a comment on the NPR article set it ablaze..." My friend has bloating and cystic acne that went away when she eliminated gluten."

In the last month I've had a really terrible time with cystic acne outbreaks. They decided to pop out on spots where I've never had problems, and then they just don't go away! So my primary goal with cleaning up my diet is to try to clear up my skin. I plan on following this websites suggestions, instead of just dumping gluten, because there is so much info and support here!

My secondary goals include:

· Better performance at the Crossfit Open...just did 13.1 today!

· Better concentration at work, I have to wake up super early and work a 10 hr shift

I've never tried forum posting, so I'm a little apprehensive. I do like a challenge and trying something new though! I'm planning on starting Whole30 Day 1 on March 11, which give me time to shop and meal plan tomorrow.

I've tried a general paleo plan before, but ran into problem getting tired of making the same thing over and over. Not planning a lunch for work was also a recipe for eating something awful. The recipes on the forum/website will be a lifesaver.

I think sweet potatoes will become my rocket sauce...recipe suggestions for sweet tots are welcomed!

Nathan R.

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Day 1

Bfast - Green beans and 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, coffee with almond milk

Lunch - Green salad with Balsamic and Olive Oil, big hunk of sliced turkey

Dinner - Grilled asparagus/mushrooms, steak, salad with apples, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery and blueberries


After WOD - leftovers from dinner

~7 hrs sleep, running late in the morning so threw together lunch to take to work really fast...missed the fat though. I was hungry by dinner, so I'm thinking that's something I'll make sure to get in today. I felt like I had plenty of energy for the WOD in the evening, so dinner seemed like a good combo.

No change on the skin yet, but its early :)

Day 2

~6 hrs sleep

Bfast - 1 chicken sausage and 2 eggs cooked in coconut oil, green beans, coffee with almond milk, 1/2 avocado

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